An exclusive NFT Collections Produced of art generated by Artificial Intelligence algorithms is being launched by WISe.ART.


“WISeKey” stands for WISeKey International Holding Ltd. (SIX: NASDAQ: WIHN Today, WISe, the world’s leading cybersecurity, AI, blockchain, and Internet of Things (IoT) company, is announced. An exclusive NFT collection of art by AI algorithms is being launched by ART. WISe. Art NFTs, also known as non-fungible tokens, are one-of-a-kind digital assets that signify ownership of a particular work of art. These tokens have the advantage of verifying ownership and the authenticity of a specific artwork, and they can be purchased and sold just like any other cryptocurrency.

These new AI-generated artworks may challenge what the majority considers to be traditional art, despite the fact that art may be subjective. Specialists will be capable utilize this new device to make craftsmanship we can’t envision, there are no limits to their innovativeness as simulated intelligence opens an entirely different world to them. AI will enable exposure to previously inaccessible environments, and this revolution will produce entirely new sensations. New art forms, such as three-dimensional immersive animations, will also emerge.

There are disagreements regarding the creation of art using artificial intelligence, as there are with any new invention, but the numerous opportunities significantly outweigh the critics.    

WISe.ART Enables Artists To Exhibit NFT Collections Produced By AI Algorithms

At WISe, there are a number of methods that creators and artists can use to generate art NFTs using AI. ART system. Utilizing a Generative Adversarial Network (GAN), a type of neural network that can learn to generate new images by studying existing ones, is one of the most common methods.

WISe.ART Enables Artists To Exhibit NFT Collections Produced By AI Algorithms

AI Generated Art

The artist first trains the network on a dataset of existing artwork, which can be anything from classical paintings to contemporary digital art, before creating an art NFT with a GAN. The GAN then uses this training data to create new images, which the artist can further refine until they are satisfied.

Style transfer is another method for using AI to generate art NFTs. This method involves taking the style of one piece of art and applying it to another. Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs), a type of neural network that can learn to extract features from images, can be used to accomplish this.

The artist chooses an existing piece of art as the “style” and a new image as the “content” before using style transfer to create an art NFT. The CNN then applies the style of the first image to the second by extracting the features of the first image. This can lead to one-of-a-kind and striking artwork NFTs that combine the content of one piece with the style of another.

NFT Collections Produced

Overall, creating art NFTs with AI is an exciting new way for creators and artists to explore new digital art forms. Artists are able to create one-of-a-kind and one-of-a-kind art NFTs that are unlike anything else on the market by leveraging the capabilities of neural networks and machine learning.

In recent years, the market for NFT art has expanded significantly, and the NFT Collections Produced art has gained a tremendous amount of popularity. The term “NFT art” refers to digital artwork that is authenticated by means of blockchain technology, making it valuable and one-of-a-kind.’s report says that the NFT market will grow by more than 299% by 2020, with sales of over $250 million. As more artists and collectors enter the market, this growth is anticipated to continue.

Blockchain Technology

The increasing interest in digital art and the growing acceptance of blockchain technology are two of the factors that are driving the expansion of the NFT Collections Produced art market. Additionally, NFTs enable artists to directly monetize their work without relying on traditional art galleries or auction houses.

However, it is essential to keep in mind that the NFT art market is still in its infancy and is still in the process of development. Its long-term growth and success will be contingent on a number of elements, including regulatory frameworks, broader adoption of blockchain technology, and market demand.

In conclusion, although it is difficult to accurately estimate the size of the NFT art market, it is likely that it will continue to expand in the years to come as more artists and collectors enter the market and blockchain technology gains acceptance. Whether AI painting will be a replacement or an addition to the space is still up for debate. We are currently providing this one-of-a-kind, monetizable platform for AI NFT art.

Blockchain Certification


WISe. OISTE, a non-governmental organization (ONG) that invests in cybersecurity programs that protect humans, will receive all of the proceeds from sales made on the platform. While the smart contract will define all Terms and Conditions, including the amount of royalties to be paid, artists will, of course, be free to donate their earnings. WISe. The ART team recommends that artists upload 100-piece limited editions priced at USD 500 each. In order to keep collectors interested and wanting more, it is essential to create art every day and upload collections frequently.

WISe.ART is a fully functioning market. It has the potential to connect all actors in the arts. In addition to providing proof of ownership, provenance, and a set of smart contracts describing future use and monetization streams, our white-labeling options and unique NFT designs ensure that the actual digital asset is authenticated and signed.

The Warning WISeKey’s cutting-edge security technologies protect the entire ART NFT platform and make it possible to authenticate digital assets in a secure end-to-end process thanks to our years of experience and demonstrated proficiency in this field.

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