According to Steve Bennett, founder of  Dog Friendly Believe, the UK’s largest database of dog friendly businesses, if you love customers, you should also love their dogs.

Dog Friendly Believe Businesses

In 2022, researchers conducted research that found welcoming dogs into a business could boost sales by up to 50%. More than 34% of households in the UK have a dog, and research shows that most dog owners are more likely to visit a business that isDog Friendly Believe, and there are over 12 million pet dogs in the UK.

Dog Friendly Believe If You Love Customers, You Should Also Love Their Dogs
Dog Friendly Cafe

But what does it mean to be “dog friendly”?

Dog Friendly Believe If You Love Customers, You Should Also Love Their Dogs


According to DogFriendly, there is a significant distinction between truly being Dog Friendly Believe and dog tolerant. There are also widespread misconceptions regarding the legality of allowing dogs into a business, particularly in the hospitality industry.

A one-of-a-kind online course titled “Dogs in Hospitality” has been developed by in collaboration with The National Pet College to assist businesses in comprehending what is best practice when welcoming dogs into their establishment and what factors to take into consideration while also learning about the advantages of being a “dog friendly business.”

The course is intended to assist hospitality establishments that are currently dog-friendly or plan to become dog-friendly, such as hotels, restaurants, cafes, pubs, bed and breakfasts, and vacation rentals. The course examines the advantages of adopting a dog-friendly policy, the steps that must be taken to do so, ensuring the well-being of dogs, and potential obstacles and solutions for businesses.

Businesses that successfully complete the course are awarded a certificate and a listing on to demonstrate to the 12 million dog owners in the UK that they are truly Dog Friendly Believe.

Dog Friendly Believe If You Love Customers, You Should Also Love Their Dogs

Dog Friendly Hospitality

Beth Harris, reservations manager of Staffordshire holiday let company Squirrel Lettings explained how their largest space, Squirrel Barn in the heart of the Staffordshire countryside, to be a dog friendly holiday cottage, and why.

“Squirrel Barn is designed for families and their pets. There is no limit on how many pets you can bring and there is no extra charge for pets because it is important to us that pets are treated as part of the family and should be welcomed as such. The garden is fully enclosed with space for children and animals to run and climb and play. There is a dog flap into the garden which can be closed off from the driveway so your dogs can come and go at will.”

Feedback from guests at Squirrel Barn frequently references the dog friendly policy of the barn as being a major attraction when booking their stay, supporting the research from Dog Friendly.

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