Drivers Get Digital Alerts About Emergency Vehicles Through The Whelen Cloud Platform

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Drivers Get Digital Alerts About Emergency Vehicles Through The Whelen Cloud Platform
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With the Whelen Cloud Platform, first responders can now send pre-emptive digital alerts to drivers to advise them when emergency vehicles are drawing closer or stopped ahead.

Whelen Cloud Platform

Through HAAS Alert’s Safety Cloud®, Whelen Engineering, a global leader in the emergency warning industry for over 70 years, now offers digital alerts. The joining of these two stages will upgrade crisis reaction times and work on the wellbeing of people on call and the motoring public. Through the use of Whelen’s Vehicle Safety Gateway® and the Whelen Cloud Platform, Digital Alerting enables responders to send drivers advance-warning digital alerts to inform them of emergency vehicles approaching or stopping in front of them. Navigation apps and vehicle infotainment systems send real-time notifications up to 30 seconds in advance, reducing the likelihood of a collision by as much as 90%.

Geoff Swamp, CEO of Whelen Engineering, said that the joining of the Whelen Cloud Stage with Safety Cloud is a significant forward-moving step in working on the security of specialists on call and people in general. They can aid in the prevention of collisions and enhance the situational awareness of all motorists on the road by sending alerts to other vehicles in the vicinity.

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A web-based portal called the Whelen Cloud Platform (WCP) lets users control and monitor emergency vehicle warning systems in real-time. Safety Cloud by HAAS Alert is a cloud-based connected safety platform that makes it possible for vehicles, infrastructure, and emergency services to share important information. WCP customers now have the option to send alerts to nearby motorists when they are responding to calls thanks to this integration. This gives drivers more time to slow down and safely navigate around emergency scenes.

Safety Cloud

The Whelen Cloud Platform and Safety Cloud are both intended to be adaptable and versatile, making it simple for crisis administration suppliers to coordinate them into their current frameworks. This implies that branches, everything being equal, can exploit this new usefulness and further develop their crisis reaction abilities.

According to Cory Hohs, CEO of HAAS Alert, the company is proud to collaborate with market leaders to accelerate safety outcomes and make our roads safer for everyone. Their organization with Whelen Designing shows their obligation to bring creative, best-of-breed answers to their clients.

Stellantis, one of the world’s leading automakers and a mobility providers, is currently rolling out Safety Cloud alerts to the dashboards of millions of MY2018 and newer Dodge, Ram, Jeep, Chrysler, and Alfa Romeo vehicles in North America. Safety Cloud alerts are already delivered on the most popular navigation applications like Waze. This year, more applications and automakers are integrating Safety Cloud, making Safety Cloud the best platform in the country for vehicle-to-vehicle communication.

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Whelen Engineering

Drivers Get Digital Alerts About Emergency Vehicles Through The Whelen Cloud Platform
We’re redefining first responder safety.

Whelen Engineering has a long history of giving imaginative and dependable crisis-cautioning innovation, and this most recent coordination is one more illustration of the organization’s obligation to working on the security of people on call and the general population. The company is eager to keep working on new technologies and partnerships that will assist emergency services providers in better serving their communities.

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