The new partnership between WatchRx and Advatech Healthcare Europe Ltd. will help speed up bed rotation, cut down on A&E wait times, and significantly reduce the number of A&E visits.

WatchRx and Advatech Healthcare Europe Ltd

Today, WatchRx and Advatech Healthcare Europe Ltd. announced that their AI/ML-enabled platform and smart wearable solutions will work together to improve health equity and outcomes in the UK Healthcare . Patients, payers, and healthcare providers can use predictive analytics and insights in this partnership to improve patient outcomes, reduce healthcare costs, simplify medication adherence, and increase care coordination.

WatchRx aims to help seniors age in place by assisting healthcare providers in providing high-quality, individualized care. We offer RPM/CCM/TCM, which aids in reducing readmissions, lowering healthcare costs, and increasing revenue for hospitals and providers. A senior-friendly smartwatch and an RPM/CCM/TCM platform with automated workflows are part of the patented AI/ML-enabled WatchRx solution. Self-reported data, including food and nutrition, medication adherence, and vitals data are all correlated by our predictive analytics system. Physicians, caregivers, and nurses are able to receive actionable alerts and deliver care directly to the patient’s home through the RPM platform and accompanying smartphone app.

Governments, businesses, and private clinics all benefit from the 24-hour medical transportation services provided by Advatech Healthcare Europe. We provide services and accredited training through existing providers, with our headquarters in London, UK. Advatech Healthcare works with patient transportation for non-emergencies; ambulance services for hospitals, clinics, and laboratories, as well as making certain that these services are readily available.

UK Healthcare

In the United Kingdom, two-thirds of healthcare costs are associated with chronic diseases. In England, up to 50% of medications are not taken as directed. The healthcare system in the UK Healthcare may incur annual costs of up to £500 million as a result of this non-adherence.

WatchRx And Advatech Healthcare Europe Ltd Announce Partnership To Improve Health In The UK,UK Healthcare, Improve Patient Outcomes, vnmaths
WatchRx Caregiver App and Smartwatch improve care coordination between patients and caregivers.

As a result of this partnership, there will be a significant drop in the number of visits to the emergency room (A&E), shorter wait times, and faster bed rotation. Health equity and well-being among vulnerable populations, such as the elderly, mentally ill, and women, will also be improved by the combined solution.

WatchRx And Advatech Healthcare Europe Ltd Announce Partnership To Improve Health In The UK,UK Healthcare, Improve Patient Outcomes, vnmaths

Improve Patient Outcomes

Samit Biswas, CEO and founder of Advatech Healthcare Europe, talked about how studies have shown a clear connection between better medication adherence, better patient outcomes, and fewer hospitalizations that could have been avoided. Their collaboration with WatchRx enhances their capacity to integrate real-time, actionable insights into our platform and aids in the identification of clinical and non-clinical interventions that lead to improved patient outcomes, increase patient-provider engagement, and reach patients at their locations.

WatchRx’s founder and CEO, Jayanthi Narasimhan, stated that the company is delighted to collaborate with Advatech Healthcare Europe to address health disparities among vulnerable populations. Customers of Advatech Healthcare will be able to access individualized resources and guidance for managing their health thanks to the patient-friendly solution with wearable and connected medical devices. Patients’ health outcomes and quality of life will rise as a result of the capabilities for data analytics, automation, and patient engagement.

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