At embedded world 2023, WiseChip Semiconductor Inc. has been nominated for the Embedded Vision Award.

WiseChip Semiconductor Inc

Eye-Focus Electronics Components Made By WiseChip Semiconductor Inc. For Safe Driving And Free Hands
Direct viewing miniature near-eye display module

It is with pleasure that WiseChip Semiconductor Inc. announces its participation in the upcoming embedded world 2023 exhibition, which will take place from March 14 to March 16. The company will demonstrate its cutting-edge OLED screen system for safe cycling at the event.

The system uses high-efficiency OLED materials and components to achieve low power consumption and high brightness, allowing drivers to focus on the road. It shows high differentiation and agreeable perception, even in backdrop illumination, by showing basic information and strings.

At embedded world 2023, the Smart Cycling Device, which makes use of the Direct viewing miniature near-eye display module, is up for the Embedded Vision Award.

Eye-Focus Electronics Components Made By WiseChip Semiconductor Inc. For Safe Driving And Free Hands
The system enables drivers to keep their eyes on the road.

OLED Display

An intelligent mini OLED display with a lens and a patented module design is the Direct viewing miniature near-eye system. Because of its straightforward structure and favorable assembly costs, terminal manufacturers can quickly develop near-eye display devices while keeping overall costs under control.

For a Direct Viewing Optical System with a Light Utilization Rate of More Than 95%, the optical path that runs through the Microlens puts eye vision on the same optical axis. It can show the focusing distance as an image at a distance of 1 m and can convey simple data and strings with clarity even in backlight. With an opto-mechanical system and a display time of up to 20 hours and a 70mAh lithium battery, the OLEDs are also energy-efficient.

Smart Cycling

WiseChip will exhibit its touch series OLEDs and three new standard products at the booth in addition to the Smart Cycling Device. 5.45 inches (Pixel No. 256×128) 5.5 inches (Pixel No. 256×16) 256×64). Industrial equipment, security access devices, portable payments, and other applications make use of these products. OLEDs have a free viewing angle, a high contrast ratio, and a wide temperature range. Based on the same power consumption, the 5.5-inch product uses TADF, and the use of hyper-fluorescence and general fluorescent materials increases brightness by 25%, saving power.

WiseChip Semiconductor Inc. is a professional manufacturer of OLEDs and offers a wide range of products, such as Matrix OLED, OLED Displays, Full Color Displays, Monochrome Displays, Bendable OLED, Transparent OLED, and more. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you are looking for a manufacturer of high-quality Wide Temperature Range, Icon OLED, and Area Color OLED. At the embedded world 2023 exhibition, you can find us in Hall 1, Booth No. 1–153.

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