Through the use of AI, a novel solution from YOUU Health promises a rapid path to the adoption of value-based healthcare.

YOUU Health

The new AI-driven, value-based payment prediction model that helps predict future claims risk and patient outcomes for chronic behavioral health case management has been successfully demonstrated by the health cloud company YOUU Health. A fundamental economic construct, understanding future claims promotes fair reimbursement rates for providers and policy risk insights for payers and their member communities if solved.

Behavioural Health Outcomes Successfully Predicted By YOUU Health AI
YOUU Health

By better understanding how risk is concentrated throughout complex healthcare lifecycles, the model provides payers and providers with insights into how to design reimbursement models. The model defines risk by sorting patient profiles from a verifiable record of different patients called “computerized twins” got from directed man-made intelligence models. The model then, at that point, permits payers and suppliers to accomplish equality on repayment rates in light of significant worth. When actual outcome milestones are triggered, smart contracts lead to reimbursement.

Insurance Premiums

One of the most frustrating challenges in healthcare has been accurately pricing member insurance premiums and provider reimbursement. Price and payment flexibility are hindered by the complexity of chronic illnesses like substance abuse and mental health.

Ed DeShields, President and CEO of YOUU Health explained that their background in the insurance and risk markets put them in a novel position to approach value-based care risk from a completely different viewpoint. Results are one thing, yet delineating chance and representing the expense of care to completely understand the commitment is another.

The YOUUniverse Health Cloud from YOUU Health is made to wrap up the standard electronic healthcare record system in order to create a more robust patient-centered care delivery system that can be used for a longer period of time. The company predicts that health cloud technologies will eventually supplement or replace the conventional EHR as we know it today. The science and experience of YOUU Health in measuring outcomes, as well as its artificial intelligence model-driven collection of enormous amounts of population health data, contribute to improving healthcare efficiency.

The Chief Operating Officer of YOUU Health, Mark Cole, stated that they consider care models in which members operate within communities and receive individualized, precise treatment and long-term support. While there’s still a ton of work to do, in the end, well-being tech will eliminate the weight of occasion-based care and move us into individual-driven care.

Behavioural Health Outcomes Successfully Predicted By YOUU Health AI

About YOUU Health

YOUU Health is one of the behavioral science technology companies serving the community market for mental health, substance use, and wellness. All treatment workflows are measured, predicted, and recommended by its Health Cloud technology platform. Its next-generation digital platform makes extensive use of augmented intelligence and predictive analytics to improve treatment insight, client engagement, and outcomes for people who want a healthy outcome while simultaneously lowering the cost of providing care and freeing up the healthcare workforce from activities that are not productive. The business is present in a number of global markets.

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