April is Canine Fitness Month, so YuMOVE has shared 5 tips for pet owners on how to get dogs fit and active and start building helpful fitness habits throughout 2023.

How to get dogs fit and active.

During the month of April, known as Canine Fitness Month, pet owners and their canines can get outside and begin developing healthy habits that will serve them well into 2023. In honor of the month, YuMOVE, the official high-quality joint supplement for dogs of the American Kennel Club, provides the following five fitness tips.

For Canine Fitness Month, YuMOVE Share 5 Tips For How To Get Dogs Fit And Active
Canine Fitness Month is the perfect time to commit to year-round pet fitness.

Decide to keep your pet fit all year.

Although spending the winter months inside hibernating may have been enjoyable, it frequently results in weight gain for both humans and pets. During Canine Fitness Month, it’s a great time to get your dog moving and incorporate healthy habits into their daily routine.

Make a fitness plan for your pet.

Create an exercise plan for your dog with a refreshed sense of fitness. Take into account the pet’s age, mobility, the preferred form of exercise, and exercise duration. Walk your dog regularly, several times per day. Need assistance? Consult a vet.

Offer emotional support.

Make the dog happier and avoid potential problems with its behavior: adhere to a regular schedule; give children toys and opportunities for directed playtime or chewing; Because dogs are social creatures, spend time playing with them and interacting with them.

Make sure the dog is mobile.

A dog’s mobility needs to be checked, so look for signs of stiffness in the morning or after a nap; walking at a slower pace; unwillingness to get out of bed or ascend or descend stairs; lethargy; irritability during or following walks, as well as when being petted.

Offer a high-quality supplement.

For Canine Fitness Month, YuMOVE Share 5 Tips For How To Get Dogs Fit And Active

Offer a high-quality supplement for dogs’ hips and joints, such as YuMOVE. This will assist give with additional support for a canine’s hips and joints and help keep up with or support their portability.


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