With the addition of Strava Acquires Outdoor Adventure Platform, FATMAP, the subscription platform’s best-in-class digital experience continues to make outdoor adventures simpler to discover, experience, and share with their active community.

Strava Acquires Outdoor Adventure

FATMAP makes outdoor activities better and safer for millions of people worldwide. The platform’s cutting-edge 3D map lets its users plan, track, and share their adventures. There are thousands of professionally curated routes and guidebooks covering a variety of mountain activities for those looking for adventure ideas. Members can unlock premium benefits and features with FATMAP Explore, giving them everything they need to make the most of their time in the mountains. If you enjoy mountain adventures, such as hiking, biking, trail running, ski touring, or freeriding, you’ll find your community on FATMAP. Strava Acquires Outdoor Adventure

Strava Acquires Outdoor Adventure, Latest celebrity entertainment news in the world vnmaths
Visualization of possible future product integration for FATMAP within Strava.

The acquisition of FATMAP, a mobile app for discovering, planning, navigating, and remembering outdoor adventures, was announced by Strava, the subscription platform at the heart of connected fitness. Strava subscribers will have access to the entire FATMAP offering as a result of the acquisition.

Active individuals will be able to holistically discover and plan an outdoor experience with curated local guides, points of interest, and safety information thanks to FATMAP's global proprietary 3D mapping technology, which will be enabled in all of Strava's services.

Michael Horvath, CEO and co-founder of Strava, explained how on Strava, nearly 10 million routes were saved and suggested by active people worldwide in 2022. Maps and tools are powerful unlocks that give our active community daily value and motivate them. Together with FATMAP, Strava shares the goal of encouraging more people to move by giving them the tools they need to discover and experience the joy of the outdoors. The chance for Strava to rethink the purpose of maps and the ways in which they encourage exploration is a huge advantage for creating a unique outdoor experience.

FATMAP Community

FATMAP's technology lets people safely discover, navigate, and share adventures even if they don't have a mobile connection. It was made for trails and exploring the outdoors. The hikers, mountain bikers, skiers, and trail runners who make up FATMAP's community are already present in over 100 nations. The acquisition will make it possible to create a universal map for human-powered experiences on slopes, trails, city streets, or suburban neighborhoods when combined with Strava's data set of more than 8 billion activities.

FATMAP co-founder, Misha Gopaul, explained that the goal of FATMAP's creation was to make outdoor activities more accessible. She and David Cowell  wanted to create a map that was specifically designed to assist people in exploring, whereas other map platforms have been developed for navigating streets and cities. Combining efforts with Strava will accelerate progress toward making it possible for millions more people to safely and sustainably explore the world's wild places. read more Strava Acquires Outdoor Adventure


Strava Acquires Outdoor Adventure, Latest celebrity entertainment news in the world vnmaths
Visualization of possible future product integration for FATMAP within Strava.

With over 100 million active users in 195 countries, Strava is the leading subscription platform at the forefront of connected fitness. No matter where you live, what sport you love, or what device you use, the platform gives you a complete picture of your active lifestyle. When it comes to leading an active life, everyone deserves a place on Strava.

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This acquisition comes in the wake of Strava's product enhancements from the previous year, which included the introduction of brand-new types of trail sports and an enhanced suite of routing features designed to assist active people in exploring and sustaining their adventures. Additionally, it is the organization's second acquisition since acquiring Recover Athletics, a prehab and injury prevention app for active individuals, in the summer of 2022. These additions add to its ongoing investments in technology to provide active individuals with more value and access to additional tools for planning, motivating, and sustaining an active lifestyle through a single platform.

Additionally, nine brand-new sports, including racquet sports, pilates, and high intensity interval training (HIIT), were recently announced by Strava. The community platform's subscriber benefits, which include ski area mapping, pre-hab content from Recover Athletics, Beacon safety tracking, route recommendations, an online route builder, global and personal heatmaps, and segment leaderboards, continue to grow. Strava has implemented a price increase to reflect the increased benefits of these product upgrades. The purpose of these updates is to provide active people worldwide with daily value.

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