Valentines Day, WonderDays Offers Not Another Boring Gift For more imaginative options to consider when purchasing something for the one you love, despite recent news articles once again recommending chocolates as a Valentine’s Day present.

Valentines Day

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Forget Valentines Day Chocolate

Valentines Day, the newest and most adaptable gift experience company in the United Kingdom, was founded with the motto “not another boring gift” in mind. Valentine’s Day presents, according to the company’s digital content manager Bronwen Jones, were no exception.

Bronwen Jones explained how although chocolate is a well-known option for Valentine’s Day gifts, there are now so many more ways to “think outside the box,” as it were. There are romantic gift experience days that don’t even come close to costing as much as a fancy box of chocolates. A sightseeing river boat cruise or an Italian wine and nibbles experience, for instance, can both be enjoyed for less than £18 per person. That is less than the price of a 35-piece box of “gold”-branded chocolates, which we have seen for £49. For less than £25 per person, you can get a romantic couples photoshoot or unusual experiences like a drag show or a tour of a gin distillery tour. You’re actually saving at least £15, as opposed to another box of chocolates from a high-end UK department store that costs £65. Instead, you’re getting an experience you can enjoy together and make special memories with.

There is also a much wider selection of Valentine’s Day gift ideas than ever before. Bronwen added that if chocolate is really their thing, there are even gift experiences for that. Numerous experience days revolve around the nation’s favorite sweet treat, from chocolate making to exclusive posh chocolate tasting tours. Even so, one of our top choices for this Valentine’s Day would be a couples date blacksmithing to create something that the two of you will cherish for the rest of your lives.

The Gift of a Rose in a Glass Dome


WonderDays is a UK gift experience company that provides the industry’s most adaptable purchasing experience. It is the only gift provider with fully customizable experience options and an online exchange process that is fully automated in the event that customers change their minds.

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