During the Wrestlemania 39 weekend, Hollywood stars give back.


For WWE and their fans, Wrestlemania 39 is by far the most important event of the year. Additionally, this is a time when celebrities in Hollywood give back to those in need. Steve Comisar, an actor and former con artist, recently offered a father and son VIP ringside seats to the WWE SmackDown TV taping at the Crypto Arena in Los Angeles. Ringside seats to the WWE Hall of Fame induction ceremonies in 2023 and a meet-and-greet with the wrestlers are included in the pricey VIP package.

One of the WWE superstars inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2023 is iconic wrestler Rey Mysterio.

Steve Comisar

Steve Comisar, an actor and former con artist, put his money where his mouth was, demonstrating that deeds speak louder than words. To date he has kept each of his commitments with respect to setting things straight for his unlawful direct that landed him in government jail and put his once encouraging acting profession on pause. Comisar has been free since 2017 and is focusing on giving back rather than acting. He has been doing a great job thus far.

Comisar started acting when he was young, appearing in a lot of movies, commercials, and television shows. He used his acting skills to defraud wealthy investors of nearly 80 million dollars because he was bored. He quickly spent everything he had on fast cars, faster women, and gambling with high stakes.


Comisar wrote the best-selling book America’s Guide to Fraud Prevention after being arrested, found guilty, and sent to Club-Fed. It is the industry standard for fraud prevention. Ten million people watched the CBS prime time television special In the Mind of Con Artists, in which he starred. Then, at that point, he featured in the honor winning narrative, Making Wrongdoing Pay, which is currently used to prepare policing.

After that, Comisar went on to become the fraud expert on-camera for ABC’s The View, a popular daytime talk show, and Dateline NBC, the longest-running newsmagazine program. In addition to working in fraud prevention, Comisar also did some acting, landing a co-starring role in the action-adventure film Tough Luck with Armand Assante and Norman Reedus. The long-awaited sequel to the original, Tough Luck Rebooted, begins pre-production in early 2024. Stan will be played by Comisar once more.

Comisar was set free from jail in 2017 and desires to use whatever remains of his nurturing back and aiding oppressed individuals in the Los Angeles region where he grew up. He intends to remain on the television talk show circuit and provide helpful guidance regarding fraud prevention. You can view some of Comisar’s guest appearances on his YouTube channel. Comisar has a lot on his plate, including acting, preventing fraud, and helping the less fortunate. Everyone in Hollywood is eager to see what he will do next.

Kristine Kelly

Kristine Kelly is another big name who has devoted her life to offering in return. She is a well-known activist for animal rights, an actress, and the best-selling author of her memoir, Fame to Fur, which is selling like hotcakes. The Kris Kelly Foundation’s mission is to rescue abused and abandoned animals and find them new homes. Kelly and Comisar have collaborated on charitable endeavors.


Comisar donated four VIP tickets to The Lion King at the Pantages theater in Hollywood to a needy family last month. The family received not only expensive tickets to the sold-out performance, but also a meet-and-greet with cast members and a bag filled with Disney merchandise. The delighted family shed tears of joy and gratitude to Comisar for providing them with an unforgettable evening.

It’s easy to find Kristine Kelly and Steve Comisar. They will keep working toward giving back and making people’s and animals’ lives easier. Stay tuned for more information about Steve Comisar and Kristine Kelly’s charitable and philanthropic endeavors.

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