Little Rock Arkansas Will Host The INSPIRE TOUR Of The LEGO® Fan Convention

Little Rock Arkansas Will Host The INSPIRE TOUR Of The LEGO® Fan Convention, Latest celebrity entertainment news in the world vnmaths

Little Rock Arkansas will host the Brick Universe LEGO® Fan Convention for just two days on February 25 and 26.

Little Rock Arkansas

For the two-day event in Little Rock, well-known LEGO® artists will fly in from all over the country. These artists, who have been creating masterpieces entirely out of LEGO® bricks for the past year, are eager to meet fans and exhibit their work. You will not only have the chance to meet these artists, but you will also be able to take pictures. This is the largest grouping of Lego creations created by Lego® Artists that can be found in one location.

Lego® Artist Paul Hetherington
Lego® Artist Paul Hetherington

LEGO® artists like San Diego’s Jonathan Lopes, Chicago’s Rocco Buttliere, Dallas’ Lia Chan, Vancouver’s Paul Hetherington, and Orlando’s Ethen Teeters are among the most popular among fans.

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The organizer stated they are so excited to be bringing the “Inspire Tour” to Little Rock and they hope that each attendee will feel inspired by the works of art they will see.

There will be LEGO® building zones where LEGO® fans can let their imaginations run wild and construct their very own LEGO® creation to display at the event. Visitors will be able to view both intricate and life-size LEGO® creations. In addition, there will be vendors offering the most recent LEGO® sets, older sets, custom parts, rare LEGO® minifigures, and other items.

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