Bruce H. Bell tells a shocking story in My Father Killed President John F. Kennedy about how he got involved in the assassination.

My Father Killed President John F. Kennedy

The My Father Killed President John F. Kennedy the 35th President of the United States, was widely reported worldwide, making it one of the most contentious murders of all time. In Dallas, Texas, the former president was shot and killed while riding in a motorcade. Because it happened so suddenly, everyone was shocked, and conspiracy theories started to spread all over the world. People were curious about the circumstances surrounding the public assassination of such a powerful president.

My Father Killed President John F. Kennedy, A Memoir, Out Now
My Father Killed President John F. Kennedy: A Memoir

Bruce H. Bell could always remember November 20, 1962, a year prior to their death. He had spent his childhood accompanying his father to numerous shady gatherings; however, this day’s excursion was going to be different. He would find out that plans were being made to kill the President.

Reading Never Goes Out of Style

Robert Groden

Robert Groden, who is considered to be a well-known authority on the assassination, offered a critique of Mr. Bell’s account. He shared that in his more than 50 years of studying the assassination, had heard a lot of stories, but none have impressed him as much as Bruce’s. Finally, he does believe that this is a true and accurate account of President Kennedy’s assassination.

In the fourteen books he has written since 1975, he has always focused on the case’s physical evidence and never attempted to explain the conspiracy’s inner workings. He has never dealt with the component of the greatest crime of the twentieth century like this before. Unfortunately, others have rushed to conclusions, disregarded other accounts of the assassination, and discarded potentially significant historical evidence. He advises the reader to keep an open mind and follow Bruce’s journey to tell his story.

Bruce H. Bell

Bruce experienced significant trauma since he was a star witness to a crime that he at first considered to be justified, however, he soon realized his error.

In this memoir, Bruce discusses major revelations, accomplices, and the how and why of everything in a lot of fine detail that readers should not miss.

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