Dr. Gershom Sikaala wrote Healing Your Own Soul to encourage people to examine their lives and assist them in experiencing change.

Healing Your Own Soul

The most recent book by Dr. Gershom Sikaala is Healing Your Own Soul, CHERISHING YOUR GREATEST GIFT. The purpose of the new book is to encourage readers to examine their own lives and assist them in experiencing change.

According to Dr. Gershom, everyone is searching for peace, and it appears that this is becoming increasingly difficult to find. Firstly, confronting oneself and committing to a journey of overcoming and healing with the soul lover are the keys to that peace. Our God-given soul-freedom must be restored in order to win yourself back and regain your health.

Healing Your Own Soul, The Life-Changing New Book By Dr. Gershom Sikaala, Is Out Now
Healing Your Own Soul

God uses this method to bring humanity back to health and wholeness by bringing our minds back to themselves. We have been given His intention to return to Him and become like Him in love, joy, and creativity. He has created a soul that has been healed, with happy feelings, a free will, and an infinite intellect with the wisdom capacity of Christ.


Your will was created to be free, to be free of the world, the flesh, and the devil, and to flow inextricably with God. It is where your actual resolution and navigation dwell, adding to the daring excursion of turning out to be entire, blissful, and mature.

He discusses further the places in scripture and personal revelation where this ultimate lifestyle can begin and mature in this book. I can indeed direct you to the water; However, I cannot make you drink. That’s why you have free will; that is the path to life dominance.

Dr. Gershom goes on to say that he asks Heaven to help restore people to the joy of life and hope for today and the future. The objective is to reestablish a sort of reset in your mind right now from the perspective of how significant and valuable you are to our Creator. In order to provide you with the highest standard of living, he paid the highest price.

It is said that having the wisdom to ask the right questions is more important than having all the answers in life. My sincere hope is that the information in the writing will help you answer your own questions about yourself as you read. All of this to get you to stop and reevaluate your position. As a result, it is the duty of each individual to consider the state of their own soul.

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Dr. Gershom Sikaala

Dr. Gershom Sikaala  is a Hollywood Celebrity, Mentor and Prince. He is a businessman, humanitarian, author, speaker, television host, media personality, pastor to the stars, and global goodwill peace ambassador. He was born in Zambia, Southern Africa.

Healing Your Own Soul, The Life-Changing New Book By Dr. Gershom Sikaala, Is Out Now
Dr Gershom Sikaala

Dr. Sikaala earned a Statesman Honorary Doctorate in Philosophy and Humanity from United Graduates College Seminary in Richmond, Virginia, after completing his studies in business administration at the University of Cambridge in Zambia. Because of his influence in Hollywood and worldwide leadership, he was named to Strathsmore’s Who’s Who.

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He is the founder of Zambikes, a global company based in Zambia that manufactures and sells bamboo bicycles to over 60 countries and employs numerous Zambians. CNN News, BBC, NBC, and Fox News have all covered his company.

Dr. Sikaala has brought $250,000 worth of medical supplies to Zambia on behalf of humanitarian causes. Additionally, he was a part of an effort to distribute over 150,000 pairs of shoes to the underprivileged in South Africa.

Gershom, the son of a politacian-ambassador, has met a number of world leaders. As an international public speaker, he has had the unique opportunity to speak to a wide range of audiences on every continent. Additionally, he has given lectures at a number of universities, including the University of the Nations in New Zealand, Canada, and the United States.

Dr. Sikaala currently resides in the Los Angeles area and is featured on his own syndicated show, “You Will Never Be The Same,” which airs on Authentic TV Global Media. He is also the founder of Authentic TV Global Media, which has a reach of more than 70 million people. His “Advancement Thinking” program on Radio Christian Voice has a concentration to arrive at a billion lives. Additionally, Gershom is the creator and founder of the international social media platform Pure Konect.

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