The first holiday-themed book for younger readers from CYOA is Glitterpony Farm, which is about Easter adventures on a family farm with magical animals.

Glitterpony Farm

The a new Classic for younger readers by Hugo-nominated author Tina Connolly, has been announced by Chooseco, publisher of Choose Your Own Adventure® (CYOA) gamebooks, the fourth bestselling children’s book series of all time.

After Fancy ants McGlitterpony’s Easter adventures on a family farm, the first holiday-themed CYOA for readers aged 5-8 is Glitterpony Farm. However, this farm is not typical. There are glittering tornadoes, bounce bees, slimy snails, and a disco ball hamster that hosts bizarre dance parties in there. Even children can help the Easter Bunny deliver all of its eggs, saving the day.

Glitterpony Farm Released By Choose Your Own Adventure®
Glitterpony Farm

Annie Bloom’s Books in the author’s hometown of Portland, Oregon, will host a book reading and signing on Monday, March 27 from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. to commemorate the publication of Connolly’s book.

The Drago lark imprint of Chooses is intended for younger readers aged 5-8. Children are given the power of choice in Choose Your Own Adventure books, which offer a variety of endings for them to discover. This encourages reluctant readers to engage with books in a novel and exciting way.

Tina Connolly

Connolly is the author of the popular series for tweens called “Seriously Wicked.” She has likewise stated “Ironskin,” a dream set of three for grown-ups, and was a “Best Novelette” finalist for a Hugo, Cloud, and Locus Grant for “The Last Dinner of Fleeting Sweets.” Over a hundred audiobooks and podcasts are narrated by her. Connolly runs the award-winning flash fiction podcast “Toasted Cake” and co-hosts the science fiction short story podcast “Escape Pod.” Her first CYOA is “Glitterpony Farm.”

Celebrated craftsman, Norm Grock represented “Glitterpony Ranch,” his second Dragonlark title. Grock has worked for Highlights magazine, Lionsgate Entertainment, and Cartoon Network.

“Glitterpony Farm” can now be purchased at any store that sells great books for kids.

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