Author Robert H. Butler discusses the inspiration for his new book Adopted By Humans Volume II and his creative writing process. 


Interview with Author Robert H. Butler Adopted By Humans Volume II
Written by JJ Barnes

I interviewed Robert H. Butler about his life and career, what led him to start writing, and the work that is going into his new book, “Adopted By Humans Volume II “ flows in.

Tell Robert H. Butler who you are:

Robert H. Butler

That’s always an interesting question, at least when you’ve lived an exciting life. If I were to answer that I spent most of my childhood in the countryside, my parents were wealthy people who taught me the value of reading (I thank them for that). As an adult, I became a soldier, was in Germany, Iraq, Afghanistan, and South Korea, got married young, and became a father. Because of all this, I dreamed of writing a new book one day. Now yes. So who am I?

When did you first want to write a book?

As a child I wrote my first story on a typewriter,  what would now be called Willy Wonka “Fan Fiction”. I still remember how excited I was and I knew then what I  always wanted to do.

When did you decide to start writing?

There were many times and many stages. I’ve tried, I’ve failed, I’ve started, I’ve quit, I’ve given up and promised myself  I will “someday”  “if I have the time”. But it wasn’t really until December  2018 that I sat down to write for the first time in a  long time.

How long did it take you for your first book, from the initial idea to publication?

It depends on what you want to put in the “first book”. I wrote my main novel when I was eighteen Now I look back on it and it wasn’t perfect. However, I still keep a copy that will one day be opened, revised, and published.

The first to be published in earnest, Scales of Trust, however, took about four months to complete. Overall I’m faster now.

How long did it take you to complete your latest new book, from initial idea to publication?

The last release took about eighteen days followed by another month to release. Writing the second volume of Adopted By Humans was a lot of fun and I wrote several chapters each day until it was finished.

Zoom to the latest version. What prompted you to write Adopted By Humans Volume II?

My latest version well, there are two. I published two novels on the same day. Who Endures: The Red City and Adopted By Humans Volume 2 were written for different characters in different worlds, with different thoughts behind them. “Red City” focused on the heroine-villain and her story of a character who became the empress of an empire with the sole purpose of protecting it from the destruction of her home planet. It can be called “noble evil”. I love exploring these types of characters and concepts. But dark fantasy and gloomy darkness can weigh on the psyche if you invest in the story.

So, Adopted By Humans serves as a healthy palate cleanser that is very refreshing.

Adopted By Humans Volume II

What were your main difficulties in writing Adopted By Humans Volume II?

extraction. Honest writing isn’t difficult for me, I can easily produce five to ten thousand words a day, and my colleagues consider me an outlier for my productivity level, but the hardest part is keeping my eyes focused. and I know nothing about self-promotion. Frustratingly, writing takes time and I hate spending time on it.

Who or what inspired you when developing The prince?

Most characters are historically inspired, Nua Calen Aiwenor was inspired by an abbreviation of Cosimo Medici, Cesare Borgia, and Nicolò Machiavelli. Bailey Walker, on the other hand, is based on some people I know who I won’t reveal, but there’s a part of me in him.

Who or what encourage you to create The Antagonist?

It’s harder, the Beastman Emperor is based on various historical emperors with a brutal and efficient tempers, such as Tokugawa Ieyasu and Itzcoatl. Some stargazer priests are based on medieval European inquisitor figures and papal figures such as Pope Innocent and Tomas de Torquemada. Different antagonists have different bases. In the case of “Adopted By Humans,” the antagonist is “situational” rather than personal, but if I were to base it on that, it would be a faceless bureaucracy that doesn’t think about the social costs it imposes on the people they are meant to protect. Surcharge.

What is the fire incident Adopted By Humans Volume II?

In the case of Adopted By Humans, this would be Bailey’s attack on someone he saw as a threat to “his” people.

For the “Red City”, Nau succeeds in the first phase of her plan, taking over the city of Komestra and giving it a base of operations to work from.

What is the main conflict of Adopted By Humans Volume II?

In Adopted By Humans II, it is Bailey who wants to stay on Earth and some powers might prevent her from doing so.

For the “Red City,” it is above all a struggle for supremacy, both militarily and politically.

Did you pre-plan Adopted By Humans Volume II or did you just fly around in your pants and write freehand?

I know the structure of an entire novel before I write it, but I don’t write much unless I feel the need to. I’ve done it both ways and neither is more or less effective.

Have you received editing assistance and how many edits do you need for Adopted By Humans Volume II ?

I have a team of editors who help me, they are affectionately called the “Drunk Bunch of Perverse Idiots” and they work on my Discord server.

What is the premier piece of writing counsel you would give someone that stimulates you to write a story?

-No tears because of the writer, no tears because of the reader. If you don’t hear the scene, the reader certainly won’t hear it.

Can you say me what several books you want to write?

There are still a few new  books to complete in the Who Will Stand series. I’m mostly done with the maiden new book in the Who Wins order, and Adopted By Humans Volume II easily outlasts a dozen novels. I’m also mentally preparing Boozehounds, a series of tongue-in-cheek novels about the alien pirate queen who is the protagonist of Adopted By Humans Volume II .

And finally, are you proud of your achievement? It was worth it?

Of course, and they’re worth a thousand times more. This is how I will expend my life.

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