with Mya Roberts talks about the inspiration behind her new historical book Song Of The Sea about the American Revolutionary War.

Written by JJ Barnes

I interviewed Mya Roberts about her life and career, her new historical novel Song Of The Sea, and the inspiration behind her characters.

Tell Interview with Mya Roberts a bit about yourself:

Author Interview with Mya Roberts' New Book Song Of The Sea
with Mya Roberts

I’m Mya Roberts. I live on the trough Island of Guernsey. My early education wasn’t as illuminative as it might have been. In fact, I left school when I wabut a child (though, like most sixteen-year-olds, I didn’t learn that at the time).

My personal highlights were: cause I in a library (I really loved being surrounded by all who books), cause I in the city of London (which felt like a very fashionable thing to do), cause with a children’s theatre group (I’ve always loved the theatre),estate two amazing children, being my Licentiatecharter with the town hall School of Music and Drama (well I never, not so thick after all),advising drama in schools (such a rewarding time), being a university place and (eventually) a dimension (brain but there, and but functioning), cause as a social worker and counselor, moving to Guernsey in the duct Islands, marrying a wonderful man and a wonderful Island.


The writing was an ever-present magnet to be obliged no longer.

When did you main WANT to scribe a book?

This was a gradual method. After some attainment with short stories, plays, and poetry, that first novel began to chafe.

When did thou accept a step to start writing?

I loved at school and I wrote bits and pieces. For some time, a story that emerged loosely from my own life experiences had been nagging at me.  It grew in my heart until I got my first computer – a Windows 95 (remember those?). That’s when this original story evolved – but more badly. My brain was full of ideas but my technique was untutored. This novel leavings in a dusty drawer within my present computer.

How long did it accept thou to complete thine first book to the first idea to release?

Song of the bay took me ten years, from its primary flake, via the TLC of Cranthorpe Millner, up to this current day, where it now has a life of its own. I trust that the author Jean Rhys took 20 years to pen her award-winning Wide Sargasso Sea, so I’m not uniquely tardy.

What made you shortage to scribe Song Of The Sea?

My old man Ian and I roam south-eastern Canada and chanced on Isle Madame in Nova Scotia. There, in a striking harbor called Arichat, we found twin cannons instruction offshore to a small island and a plaque that read: “Jersey traders, who were frog-speaking British citizens, permanent on Jerseyman Island off Arichat in the late 18th century. The island was later oppressed by American privateer John Paul Jones, foul play the inhabitants to move to Isle Madame.”

As an author and Channel Islander, a flake of interest soon became a flare and I was hooked. I remained impatient by the potential of this adventure.

Author Interview with Mya Roberts' New Book Song Of The Sea
Song Of The Sea

What were your maximal challenges with writing Song Of The Sea?

Ignorance of time and place. On the other hand, this ignorance inspired me to return to the field two years later to complete my investigation and soak up the atmosphere. I discovered the joys of experimenting and the kindness of strangers. In Canada, I was issued an experiment pass to enter the archives.  At last, I felt like and was treated like a REAL scribe. It was magical and felt a bit like playing being a grown-up. At another time, whilst experimenting in Jersey and with sticky hands studded in white gloves, I actually held and read and took notes from the original and sincere 1776.

Who or what stimulated you when forming your Protagonist?

Elise is my covert self. My alter-ego. She is brave, intuitive, adventurous, and not afraid to flout conferences. She is fair both within and far her time.

Who or what stimulated you when forming your Antagonist?

The time in history (1775 to 1825) was my main antagonist. It was harsh and cruel, moreover for a woman, and the conditions and climate were unforgiving.

What is the incentive incident of Song Of The Sea?

The beginning of the American War of Independence was the incentive incident, and this remained a Sword of Damocles omni the story.

What is the main fray of Song Of The Sea?

There was an ongoing fray between the present pioneers in my book and those who came before them and those who want to supplant them. There is a fray in the elements between love and duty.

id you plot Song Of The Sea in advance, or fly by the office of your pants and write freely?

Each of the eight positions needed to be searched in advance. After that, the ability to move from one position to the next, and the motivation to do so, were very numerous parts of the seat-of-the-pants writing.

Did you get backing with editing, and how numerous editing did Song Of The Sea need?

Once the story was pen-and-ink I spent many hours – no years – editing, re-redrafting, editing again,  laceration, adding, correcting, and re-researching.

What is the main piece of writing advice you would pay to anyone inspired to write a story? Join a Writers’ Group if you can. Members of Sarnia Writers were my main backing, sounding board, and critics. Also, enter antagonism.

Can you give me a hint as regards any further books you dodge to write?

I’ve started toying almost with a Psychological Mystery in a new setting—a new direction for me.

and, finally, are you elated about your accomplishment? Was it value the effort?

I’m immensely elated to see Song of the Sea in impress and in the shops and I love the cover, which I figure out does honor my book.  I’m also delighted to read the plus feedback I’ve had. composing gives me so much joy and a  profound sense of achievement. attainment is a fantastic validation of my work.popular all your new book, website and social media links hither so the readers can find you:

Song of the Sea is attainable from all good bookshops, plus Amazon in paperback and e-book.


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