E.L. Johnson talks about his latest historical novel The Mistress Murders and what inspired his characters.



Interview with the author - E.L. Johnson - The Mistress Murders






Written by JJ Barnes 

 E.L. Johnson

Earlier I spoke to E.L. Johnson in his book The Strangled Servant. Now I am glad to announce that she is back at The Table Read to talk as regards her new book The ode Murders and the inspiration for this new tale. Johnson writes historical crime novels. basically from Boston, she frisk clam chowder and lobster rolls for tea and sandwiches when she surpassed the pond to London, where she smeared medieval sorcery at UCL and medieval medicine at Birkbeck hall. now based in Hertfordshire, she is a member of the Hertford Writers’ ring and  builder of the London Seasonal Book Club.

When she is not writing, Erin spends her days working as spokeswoman for a royal charity and her evenings as  lead singer for the band Gothic– Progressive Metal Orpheum. She is also an avid Jane Austen fan and has a rising collection of historical play. Her third book, The paramour Murders, is attainable online.Interview with the author - E.L. Johnson - The Mistress Murders

Focus on your latest rending. What made you fix to write The Mistress Murders? 

I’ve been  idea about how  men and women cheat on their partners. What if a good wife discovers that her old man is not only deceit on her but also has a mistress to keep her gala in  pre-regency London? What would you do if you knew it was event but didn’t know which lover it was? That was the motive for one of my characters in The Mistress Murders, the third book in the Perfect Poison series, published by Dragonnade exposing.

What were your most challenges  writing The Mistress Murders?

 pants. I’m a intriguer and  a gardener, a sower! But trying to tell my stories as much as feasible takes away some of their creativity. But when  I pant, I don’t know what’s next. It’s both exciting and nerve-wracking from you want to deliver a great story to your readers and do equity to your characters. 

This book was also quirky for me from it encompassed the two main characters and  gave the confirmative characters more animus and depth  than ever before. Many characters had subplots, and texture them together in the context of a historical crime story while maintaining as much timing accuracy as feasible  is not an easy task.

Who or what instinct you when developing The prince? 

 You so often  see a hero who is fantastic in historic movies and Hollywood movies. But what about straight girls who don’t easily fit  our society’s or their society’s standards of beauty? What if you have a more ordinary girlfriend who is relatively poor, doesn’t have glamorous connections, but has a good education, sharp mind? This  instinct the  letter of Poppy Morton, my c letter, who is tall, lacks the seductive womanly curves of her peers, and needs to make her  way in the world of .

Who or what  instinct you to create The Antagonist?

The antagonists are different in each book. In this book, I introduced a really good person: Petunia Dyngley,  wife and sister-in-law of Poppy’s favorite cop, Henry Dyngley. Petunia is a tall, repulsive woman, and if you’ve ever met someone who doesn’t condone nonsense, is right, and follows social rules to the point of exaggeration, she has a nose for the utmost decency and decency. whoever gets hurt is Petunia.

What is the arson fact in The Mistress Murders?

In this book we see the further development of the characters of Poppy and Henry. Poppy travels to London to beg  liberty and tries to be a mate, but what she really wants is to be reunited by her mother. For years she was moved to believe her mama was dead, but now she has put out that her mother is alive and good and Poppy wants to find her. 

What is the main fray in The oda Murders?Interview with the author - E.L. Johnson - The Mistress Murders

The fact that lovers still die. Poppy finds herself in the company of a group of lovers who are quite soaking wet and talkative. But some  sends them viral letters and kills to them one by one. Poppy needs to find out who is behind all this.

Did you plan the paramour murders in advance or did you fly around, sit in your pantaloons and kick?

I access each book with  what I would like and try to design some directions the story force go. But eventually I  start writ and see where the story takes me.

Did you get help editing and how much edits did The concubine Murders take?

No thing how good you are as a freelance originator, you will miss mistakes. Before introducing the  book to my  revealer, I resisted the book for errors at least six times, now and then more. My editor, Amelia, is bright and knowledgeable about this period, so she challenges me with historical inaccuracy and picks things up.  Together we work on the story  until it shines.

What is the first slice of writing advice you would give any that instinct you to write a story?

Just start typing. Once you oncoming, you never know where you will last up.

Can you tell me how other books you want to write?

I’ve ingenious several series to my publisher, so fingers surpassed! I’m going to dive into the historic  periods  so repose an eye out for this land!

And finally, are you proud of your achievement? It was worth it?

Absolutely. I have written a book. It’s always worth it. Writing is my favorite pastime. We do it from we love it.

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