With The Band by Billy Cole is a new memoir about his life and career as the head of the music business Cole’s Woodwind And Brass.


Interview With Author Billy Cole With The Band
Written by JJ Barnes

I interviewed composer and writer cooking pail Cole about his reminiscences With The Band, which inspired this book and the creative process.

Tell Author Billy Cole who you are:

Interview With Author Billy Cole With The Band
Billy Cole

At  17, I went to  New York University in Morrisville, where I studied musical instrument repair. With my diploma in hand, I applied for a job, but it turned out no record store wanted to hire me. So I opened my shop, Cole’s Woodwind and Brass. Soon after, I married my high school friend, Mary Alice. With many unexpected turns, we raised our family in our small music business.

Today, after 45 years of horn work, I look back with great appreciation for a life that has given me so much. In return, I traveled to the impoverished country of Haiti in 2016 to teach tool repair. After coming back several times, in 2020 I founded Horns for Haiti Inc., an organization that teaches how to repair musical instruments, and start my own music business.

We have trained dozens of repair musicians and music teachers and established two companies. Billy Shop D’Haïti is a musical instrument repair and  Haitian music supply company.

When did you mainly want to cover a book?

After Dad died, Mom gave me a suitcase full of old Cole family memorabilia, including photos, diplomas, and newspaper clippings. Most of that goes back to my great-grandparents’ time. However, when I reached the bottom of the vault, I found  Mark Cole, my great-great-grandfather’s handwritten journal of a trip to America from his native England in 1852. I felt honored to hold this piece of  history in my hands, and most importantly, his words to read  his intimate thoughts on the other

Wow, this inspired me to chronicle my life for future generations of the Cole family.

When did you decide to start writing?

I decide to write a collection of short stories related to my music business from about 20 years ago.

How tall did it take you for your first book, from idea to edition?

About 20 years old

What made you  write With The Band?

Again I wrote this for my family, but as I began to write I realized how blessed my life had been; which encouraged me to continue working with enthusiasm.

Who or what inspired you to develop The Protagonist?

You would think that would be me because it is my memory. But as it all unfolded, my wife, Mary Alice, emerged as the main character, offering quietly, without fanfare,  constant support and love.

By the way: Know that this is the second edition of With The Band. The  cover featured a montage of behind-the-scenes rumors I’d collected over the years.But after it was released, I realized that it was actually some kind of love story. When my daughter suggested putting our old photo  on the  front page of our first store, she felt more appropriate.

Who or what inspired you to create The rival?

There  were definitely people who were mean to me, especially jealous and greedy people, who came and went throughout my career.I choose not to include these people in my book. There is enough press about bad people, I decided not to give them a forum. (Another clue, BUT)

Interview With Author Billy Cole With The Band
With The Band

What is the arson incident in With The Band?


What is the main conflict with the band?

getting people to take me seriously in the  early years of my career.

Did you plan ahead with With The Band  or did you fly under your pants and start writing?

Fly, baby, fly!

Did you receive editing assistance and how much editing effort did With The Band take?

My good friend  Ken Drumm, who had some editing experience, did the core of the book for me. Although I rewrote it several times, it still required a lot of attention and he spent a lot of time on it.

What is the main piece of, entry advice you would give someone that inspired you to write a story?

Whenever I spoke to a writer who claimed to be writing or publishing a book, he would look me in the eye and say, ‘Just write for yourself. At first I thought they had brutally blown me away. Eventually, after overcoming the feeling of rejection, I  took her advice and wrote for myself first. As I read  what I wrote I thought do I like it?Does this sentence make sense? Did I make myself understood? Does she inspire me? So yes, write it down for yourself first, chances are if you really like it others will too.

Can you say me what other books you shortage to write?

There are  many other stories to tell. My next book is  in preparation and will focus on my work in Haiti and the non-profit organization I founded, Horns for Haiti.

And finally: Are you proud of your achievement? It was worth it?

I think everyone should keep a journal because everyone’s life is unique and will no doubt reveal both your life’s accomplishments and blessings. Yes, it was great every minute of the effort.

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