Susan and Lynsie Sabbatelli have released The Apple Bear Cookie Book and song to teach preschoolers the alphabet in a fun way.

Apple Bear Cookie


More than 30 years ago, Susan Sabbatelli of Wakefield, MA, wrote a poem to help her kindergarten pupils to learn the alphabet and letter sounds. Her class loved it immediately and she taught her poem to hundreds of children in the Greater Boston area over the course of her teaching career.

New ABC Book, The Apple Bear Cookie Book, And Song For Kindergarten And Preschoolers Out Now
The Apple Bear Cookie Book and Song

In her classrooms, she used jumbo flashcards with pictures, an alphabet wall, a dance to go along with it, and a chant. That poem evolved into The Apple Bear Cookie Song and The Apple Bear Cookie Book with the help of her daughter.

The rhythm, rhyme, characters, and song of The Apple Bear Cookie Book make it the first of its kind. To help young readers learn how to pronounce each letter, it includes a character or object for each letter. “A is for apple, B is for bear, C is for cookie, and D is for deer” begins the book. Chanting or singing the entire song to the tune of “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” is an option. This is the very thing that makes The Apple Bear Cookie Book and Song so unique in contrast to any ABC book before.

The Apple Bear Cookie Book is the ideal present for new babies, toddlers, baby showers, and even kindergarten and preschool teachers for their classrooms, according to Susan and Lynsie. They can’t wait to give The Apple Bear Cookie Book to teachers, school administrators, expecting parents, and parents of toddlers and young children all over the United States.

Susan Sabbatelli

Susan dreamed that one day she would write a book and help the next generation of teachers. She made it her life’s work to go above and beyond to ensure that her students had fun while learning and her creativity was unparalleled. She invested energy in each holiday, art project, lesson plan, and inch of her classroom for her students, and was a favorite teacher to many. Susan was packing her teaching materials during COVID and saw her Apple Bear Cookie materials. She realized it should be in every kindergarten and preschool class.

Lynsie Sabbatelli, her daughter, got an idea from this. Lynsie completed her M.B.A. at Fitchburg State University and studied entrepreneurship at Salem State University. Lynsie worked to turn Susan’s designs into illustrations, design the book, produce The Apple Bear Cookie Song, copyright the lyrics, create the website, and start The Apple Bear Cookie Co. to help her mother realize her dream.

One of my favorite moments, according to Lynsie Sabbatelli, was when she gave her mother the first copy of her finished book. To have the opportunity to reward somebody that has committed for what seems like forever to her and her kin will constantly be an achievement she is generally glad for.

Apple Berry County

At the book’s beginning, Susan includes an author’s note outlining the book’s purpose and the many uses it can serve. It assists youngsters with learning the letters in order and the letter sounds alongside other showing apparatuses like C.V.C. words (consonant, vowel, consonant), word families, sight words, counting, rhyming, and singing to a cadence. It’s a fun and effective way for teachers to connect with young readers. A map of Apple Berry County, the fictional town where the characters live, is included in the back of the book. This map shows each character’s name, like Krista Kitten, to help kids read and learn to associate the name with the sound of the letter.

Find The Apple Bear Cookie Book now:

The Apple Bear Cookie Book is accessible on their site for just $9.99. It features a QR code that can be scanned to listen to the song right on the book. 

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