Midwife and infant communication expert Alison Shaloe talks about her new message book for spiritual babies, Baby Talk To Me. 



Alison Shaloe new book name Baby Talk To Me
Written by JJ Barnes 


Interviewed Alison Shaloe about her life and career and her new Book Baby Talk To Me with  messages for spiritual children to empower women in their journey through the experiences of motherhood.

Tell Alison Shaloe who you are:

Alison Shaloe new book name Baby Talk To Me
Alison Shaloe

I am a midwife, lactation consultant, tongue protector, Reiki healer and intuitive spiritual child. I can also  communicate with children before conception, during pregnancy, childbirth, after childbirth and after pregnancy and miscarriage.

When did you first want to enter a book?

I think I thought long and hard about writing a book, but I wasn’t sure what.

When did you decide to start writing?

I took a step towards writing a book about breastfeeding in December 2019.

How long did it take you to complete your first book, from  idea to publication?

It took me almost 3 years to start and publish my book.

What prompted you  to write Baby Talk To Me?

Well, that certainly wasn’t the book I wanted to write. My intention was  to write a book about the thrill of breastfeeding because so many women struggle with this aspect of breastfeeding and not much is written about it. After working in the infant nutrition field  for over 20 years, I thought it was time to share my knowledge. As I began to write I found information pouring in that wasn’t my words and as I read through it I realized that was absolutely not a book about breastfeeding.

What were your biggest challenges  writing Baby Talk To Me?

Alison Shaloe new book name Baby Talk To Me
Baby Talk To Me

The biggest challenge was finding  time to write as I have been working full time during the pandemic to balance family and life  and my writing space has been the focal point of the home. As a midwife and writing about spirituality in the medicalized world of science, I have also had to confront and overcome many fears.

What was the information gathering process for Baby Talk To Me?

I didn’t do any research at first, just started writing. Some things that happened I thought nobody would believe me, so I added more about my knowledge and experience  as a midwife. Some of the messages that came in made me think I couldn’t just say it, so I started looking for evidence of some of the book’s themes. Then I added about 400 references.

How did you set up Baby Talk To Me?

I started by using a spider web graphic to list the chapter titles and it was clear that I wanted some of them to be bold and italic, but that’s about it. When I put it  together, I went through it in  chronological order.

Did you get assembly help and how much assembly does Baby Talk To Me require?

I had an editor at a publishing house that I used. I’ve read the book more times than I can count because ultimately it falls to me, so the last few weeks before the book came out have been frustrating. Seeing and reading my book on  screen for so long felt very different than holding the book in its physical form, so it felt different and some sentences needed adjusting and changing and grammatical errors were found. I  underestimated what it takes to publish a book.

What is the first slice of writing advice you would give someone that stimulates you to write a book?

Stop writing! Don’t worry about  the end result, just keep writing and everything will go as it should.

Can you tell me what other books you want to write?

Well it’s funny you mention that because I didn’t want to write another one because I  underestimated the time and effort it takes to write and edit the book, but I have the first 7 short chapters of the book dad’s. You never know if I’ll end up writing this still book!

And in fine Are you elated of your success? It was worth it?

I am very proud of my success and what I had to overcome to get my book out into the world. Now, of course, it’s over and the book is out. Yes, my message is worth influencing those who read it.

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