Janice Dolnick is not just another positive self-help author; she provides nurses looking for a new career and a new life with solid, actionable advice.

Scrap the Scrubs: A Nurse’s Guide to Consulting Success” and “CRUSH IT! The Legal Nurse Blueprint for Success

Grant-winning medical attendant, expert, and writer Janice Dolnick is pleased to declare the send-off of her two canny books, “Scrap the Scrubs: A Nurse’s Guide to Consulting Success” and “CRUSH IT! The Legal Nurse Blueprint for Success.” These ground-breaking books are made to help nurses succeed professionally and explore new career paths outside of traditional hospitals.

Crush it: The legal nurse blueprint for success
Crush it: The legal nurse blueprint for success

Scrap the Scrubs: A Nurse’s Guide to Consulting Success” and “CRUSH IT! The Legal Nurse Blueprint for Success.” highlight Janice Dolnick’s extensive knowledge, enthusiasm, and experience in assisting nurses to advance in their careers. Dolnick’s role as a mentor has helped numerous nurses succeed in career transitions and advancement.

Her books, which have been praised by experts in the field as well as nurses, demonstrate Janice Dolnick’s commitment to empowering nurses. “Scrap the Scrubs!” as well as “CRUSH IT!” are fundamental assets for attendants trying to extend their vocation skylines and find potential open doors for individual and expert development.

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Janice Dolnick

Janice Dolnick is an accomplished nurse, entrepreneur, and author who has a strong desire to assist other nurses in achieving professional success. Dolnick has worked in the healthcare industry for decades, and she now uses that experience to help nurses who want to look into new career opportunities. Her certification program, Legal Nurses for Justice, provides training to transform bedside nurses into business owners for nurses looking to make a change right now.

Yet, for medical caretakers in the exploration stage, the people who don’t know whether a profession in legitimate attendant counseling is ideal for them, Dolnick has delivered two books with clear, noteworthy stages for any attendant investigating the chance of another vocation.

Scrap the Scrubs

The focuses on the numerous opportunities for nurses outside of medical facilities. Dolnick explains how to become a successful healthcare consultant and entrepreneur with skill. Any nurse who wants to turn their knowledge and experience into a lucrative consulting career should read this book. It is accessible for buy on Amazon at https://amzn.to/43l0w0g


In “CRUSH IT!” Dolnick looks into a different exciting and lucrative career option for nurses: consulting as a legal nurse. The information and resources nurses require to become valuable assets in the legal field are provided in this comprehensive guide.

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CRUSH IT: https://amzn.to/3mtqr5l

Scrap The Scrubs: https://amzn.to/3KMGZi6