FireWing Pays Homage To The Armenian People With New Single Last Gasp

FireWing Pays Homage To The Armenian People With New Single Last Gasp

FireWing Pays Homage have released a new single Last Gasp, dedicated to victims of the Armenian Massacre.

FireWing Pays Homage

FireWing Pays Homage released a new song featuring the new lineup and made it available on all digital platforms with distribution by the German label Massacre Records following the significant repercussions of the announcement of the new vocalist and the new version of “Time Machine.” The tour announcement that FireWing Pays Homage will perform in Brazil with the Finnish band Sonata Arctica followed the news.

FireWing Pays Homage To The Armenian People With New Single Last Gasp
Last Gasp

The band’s new song, “Last Gasp,” has a cinematic lyric video that can be seen on the Massacre Records official channel.

The first great conflict between Eons and Vishap is completely portrayed in this song. with a sound that was unlike anything FireWing had ever attempted.

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Armenian Massacre

Within a universe that encompasses all other mythologies and distinct cultures, the FireWing concept is based on the history and mythology of the Armenian and Greek cultures. The “Armenian Massacre,” which took place in 1915, was a massive genocide that killed more than 1.5 million Armenians.

Vahagn, king of the great Armenia of the Orontid dynasty in the fifth century AD, is the personification of the determination of the Armenian people following this massacre. Vahagn is one of Tigranes Orontid’s sons. He became Vishapakagn, or “the Dragon Slayer,” after his father died in the war against dragons. FireWing praises Vahagn’s deity for eradicating monsters from Armenia and promoting these ideals throughout the story’s progression.

Last Gasp is about “Vahagn” and his father, Tigranes, the Elder, on their spiritual and mental journey.

Last Gasp

According to Caio Kehyayan, the purpose of this song is to convey a clear message to the Armenian diaspora as a whole. Since the genocide, thousands of Armenians have fled to other parts of the world. There are currently more Armenians outside of Armenia than there are inside the country, which is in the Caucasus.

Jota Fortinho, the band’s new vocalist, said that when Caio sent him the song, he immediately thought of going on a ride on one of those enormous roller coasters. Because it is both extremely in-depth and extremely technical, he could say a lot about it. However, “Last Gasp” can be summarized as an extreme rollercoaster ride. He is extremely pleased with their work on this song.

Caio Kehyayan wrote the songs, orchestrated them, and co-produced “Last Gasp.” Jack Kosto mixed and mastered the song, Junki Sakuraba did the artwork, and Gabby Vessoni made the video. Caio Kehyayan came up with the idea of creating a new world.

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