Hadley Belle, a singer-songwriter, released her brand-new single “Feminine Blues” on all digital streaming services in honor of “singles awareness day.”

Feminine Blues

Feminine Blues is Hadley Belle‘s long-awaited independently released new single. Anyone who has been through heartbreak after a relationship will find hope in this pop girl power song with a moderate tempo. Putting a new spin on the cliche “sad girl” breakup song, it addresses self-discovery, recovery, and empowerment.

Hadley Belle Releases New Single, Feminine Blues, Best Entertainment, Celebrity ,Magazine in the UK

Hadley Belle Miller and Gabby Neeley co-wrote the emotional and powerful song. Robbie Dean of OC Hit produced it, and Daniel Martz mixed and mastered it. The song features Hadley’s energetic vocals, a warm electric guitar, a dreamy synth, and a pounding drum kick. Hadley Belle and Ellie Oyebode self-produced the album artwork and supporting press photos. This is the first single from Hadley’s forthcoming five-song EP, which will be made available as singles in the coming months.

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Hadley explained that the first original song she wrote and recorded as an adult artist was Feminine Blues. It was simply magical to have that first meeting with her production team. They took chances to get the bluesy vibe she wanted, and she knew right away that it would be the first single from her new EP and set the tone for the rest of the project. She is thrilled to finally release this music, and hopes it will help broken-hearted girls regain their confidence in time for Valentine’s Day.

Hadley Belle

American pop singer-songwriter Hadley Belle is also a multitalented artist. Her original music is influenced by pop, rock, and indie music. Her lyrics frequently discuss heartbreak, healing, and empowerment. Hadley is a dedicated emerging independent artist who attends Dartmouth College full-time. She is also a voice actress who has been nominated for awards in the past for her portrayal of Lucy van Pelt in The Peanuts Movie. In her adult career, Hadley Belle has focused on songwriting and poured her heart into her new music.

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Listen to “Feminine Blues”: https://ffm.to/hadleybelle_feminineblues
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hadleybellemusic/
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/14QJnU4u88ycOqSVlnpJxO
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@HadleyBelleMusic