Ice climber and inventor, Angus Junkin, uses his experience with an ice axe as inspiration for new Garden Hand Tool, SoilWand.

System SoilWand

Angus Junkin's Multi-Head Garden Hand Tool System SoilWand, Reinvents Gardening
SoilWand Garden Hand Tool System

Gardeners face numerous challenges when creating and maintaining beautiful gardens, including planting in hard clay soil and combating persistent weeds. However, a novel tool is altering the landscape of the industry.

Angus Junkin's Multi-Head Garden Hand Tool System SoilWand, Reinvents Gardening

Meet SoilWand, a one-of-a-kind gardening tool that combines longer-handled tools like shovels and hoes with smaller hand tools like cultivators and trowels. System SoilWand is a lightweight, modular platform with the power and leverage of larger, heavier tools. This makes it possible to build, grow, and keep a garden in a new way.

System SoilWand is the product of mountaineer and adventurer Angus Junkin and is exactly what avid cultivators need to make their plants bloom.

Angus Junkin

Angus Junkin's Multi-Head Garden Hand Tool System SoilWand, Reinvents Gardening
Angus Junkin

Junkin, an ardent ice climber turned inventor, uses the power and adaptability of the ice axe to develop a ground-breaking system of garden hand tools that can be used for multiple tasks. The SoilWand is a large, 22-inch articulated handle with tool heads that can be mounted on either end and are interchangeable and adjustable. The design, which has been patented worldwide, is strong, lightweight, and made of carbon steel and aluminum that are good for aerospace.

Junkin, the inventor of the topsoil turner, describes it as a "powerhouse in a lightweight and portable package" that can withstand pressures of up to hundreds of pounds. Trail builders and landscapers can use this nearly indestructible tool to create anything from patio gardens to pathways.

Junkin took the device one step further by developing an ergonomic tool that alleviates fatigued hands, wrists, and backs. When digging in potting soil, hand trowels are fine, but when working with compacted soil, they are terrible. According to Junkin, SoilWand can easily pop out deep-rooted weeds or break new ground with whatever soil you have. With SoilWand's extended handle, which is similar to an ice axe, you can power through the hardest soils with just two hands without straining your body. The garden now has human kinetics thanks to this game-changing tool for leverage, power, and control.

 Garden Hand Tool

Junkin, the creator of Botaniworld and, teaches gardeners how to create, install, and care for environmentally friendly landscapes. SoilWand was developed by Junkin as a result of numerous gardeners' frequent complaints about the aches and pains involved in creating their magnificent backyards. SoilWand is the tool that every gardener and trail builder should have in their toolbox after several iterations and years of testing.

The self-described "Garden Masters" were more likely than others to say they purchased hand tools, according to the National Gardening Survey 2021 Edition. For such "Garden Masters," SoilWand is an excellent tool. SoilWand is the ideal companion for many challenging gardening tasks, including weeding in mixed beds, slopes, and tight spaces. With the adjustable attachments on the SoilWand, turning soil is as simple as 1-2-3. The cultivator head of the Diamond Point Weeder can remove even the most difficult roots. The Crescent Hoe attachment can also be used as an edger, chopper, weeder, sod stripper, or scuffle hoe at the same time.

These attachments are made of Case-Hardened 11-gauge steel and do not break or bend. The one-of-a-kind tool can be used to precisely weed or clear bramble and overgrown brush. The Push/Pull Weeder Rake Toolhead's slender profile gets in between existing flowers with precision for those tight spots, while its teeth rip out vines, groundcover, and heavy weeds.

 Garden Hand Tool Tutor's professional-grade SoilWand, which is modeled after an ice axe, is making the world a little greener, one yard, one pot, and one plant at a time.

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