Reverse Mechanic Gives Christian Music A New Sound, In the Christian music scene, a new indie pop/alternative hip hop sound has emerged as a result of Reverse Mechanic’s transformation.

Reverse Mechanic

A new American artist has emerged, bringing with him sounds of pop, alternative hip hop, and spoken word, none of which are particularly common in Christian music.

Reverse Mechanic is an independent artist who has been making music for more than a decade and is now working on his first Christian album. As his faith has been profoundly tested and honed over the past few years, the transformation is the result of a remarkable faith journey that has ignited his love for the Lord. The 30+ track mega-album he is calling “Broken Down” is fueled by his dad’s death, a major car accident, multiple surgeries, broken personal relationships, and his recent confirmation on Easter 2022.

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Joe Wistrcill, the producer, songwriter, and rapper behind Reverse Mechanic, said that he has been an artist and a Christian for a long time. However, he added, “It seemed about time that I finally put it all together and become a Christian artist” after being confirmed last year. He wanted to give God everything he had, including his art.

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Reverse Mechanic

Reverse Mechanic’s distinctive sound, which adheres to the adage “making you think while making you move,” is well-known. His unique blend of alternative hip hop and indie pop promises to add a distinctive flair to Christian music.

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It’s a very raw and honest song that introduces Christian music fans to new alternative sounds. We urge all pop/alternative music and Christian music fans to check it out when it comes out on March 24, 2023. Stay tuned for the rest of the “Broken Down” journey, which will continue with new singles and/or music videos every month of the year.

Broken Down Project

Reverse Mechanic has embarked on an ambitious endeavor to bring hope and healing to the world as a response to the brokenness both within himself and in the world. He wrestles with the ugliness that so frequently marred our humanity throughout the album, concluding that goodness, beauty, and truth have won out.

The project is a sort of mega-album with more than 30 tracks. It was the result of years of hard research, hard writing, a lot of hardship, and a spiritual conversion.

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