HK metaverse XOOCITY is driving the way in the virtual 3D shopping upheaval and is set to alter the manner in which individuals draw in with virtual conditions.


With its virtual 3D stores, the Hong Kong-based metaverse XOOCITY has changed the way we shop. The rise of computer-generated reality and expanded reality has changed the shopping experience and is driving the way in this transformation. Shopping is no longer limited to physical stores as the world becomes increasingly digital. XOOCITY’s virtual 3D stores offer clients the best shopping experience in the HK metaverse, giving a vivid and intelligent climate that is open to many clients.

The flagship store of XOOCITY in the HK metaverse is designed to look like a real store. Products are displayed on virtual shelves that customers can interact with. The store lets customers look at products from all angles and browse through them. In addition, the store provides a personalized shopping experience with features like interactive product descriptions, customer reviews, and recommendations. The leader store is intended to be easy to use, with a simple route and natural controls, making it open to a great many clients.


HK metaverse

In the HK metaverse, XOOCITY has created a singular branding experience in addition to its flagship store. In the virtual world, consumers brands can customize their own 3D stores to reflect their brand’s values and identity. By adding games, quizzes, and challenges to their product displays, brands can enhance the shopping experience by making it more engaging and memorable. Brands can reach customers from all over the world through the branding experience, which is a cost-effective way to market their products without investing in physical stores or traditional advertising methods.

XOOCITY’s virtual 3D stores offer clients a no problem at all method for shopping, diminishing the gamble of openness to the Coronavirus infection. Customers are reluctant to shop in person due to the ongoing pandemic, but XOOCITY’s virtual 3D stores let them do so from the convenience of their own homes. Additionally, customers can shop without having to physically interact with staff or products in the virtual 3D stores.

XOOCITY’s virtual 3D stores

Jason Wan, CEO of XOOCITY, said that they are thrilled to offer customers the best shopping experience in the HK metaverse with their virtual 3D stores. Their flagship store and the marking experience offer clients an interesting and customized shopping experience, giving a vivid and intuitive climate that is open to a large number of clients. XOOCITY’s virtual 3D stores offer customers a safe and secure way to shop in the midst of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, lowering their risk of contracting the virus.

This offer provides an excellent opportunity for brands to showcase their products in an immersive and interactive way, reaching customers from all over the world explained Wan, of XOOCITY’s recent offer of five years of free virtual land usage for consumer brands. They are looking forward to welcoming brands to XOOCITY Hong Kong and are excited to see how they will personalize their 3D stores to reflect their values and identity.

With its virtual 3D stores, XOOCITY is leading the revolution in the retail industry. Today, go to Hong Kong for the best 3D shopping experience.

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