Today, TomTom (TOM2), a specialist in geolocation technology, announced a brand-new achievement for its advanced maps for automated driving (AD).

Automated Driving

TomTom’s advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) maps and software power over ten million Automated Driving sold by automakers in North America and Europe. This number has increased by more than twice as much as the global market in the past year.

Over 10 Million Vehicles Powered By TomTom's Automated Driving Solutions
TomTom powers over 10 million vehicles with automated driving solutions

With its ADAS maps and software, TomTom currently serves over 30 automotive brands. The company anticipates that sales of its ADAS maps will continue to rise. An ADAS map that is supported by TomTom is included in more than one-third of all new AVs that are put on the road. 


TomTom’s Chief Revenue Officer, Mike Schoofs, explained that their ADAS maps power over ten million automated vehicles on the road today, capturing a larger share of the AV solutions market overall. They have consistently outperformed the market’s already robust growth, demonstrating the robustness and quality of their ADAS solutions.”

The TomTom ADAS Map provides high-quality global road information to advanced driver assistance systems, including gradient, lane curvature, signs, and speed limits. This enables vehicles to better anticipate the road ahead, enhancing driver safety, comfort, and vehicle efficiency. 

Recent EU legislation has made intelligent speed assistance (ISA) mandatory for all new vehicle types since July 2022 and for all new vehicles from July 2024. This has led to an increase in ADAS adoption. Through traffic sign recognition, ISA can use cameras alone to identify speed limits; however, these cameras have a limited range and can be obstructed by rain or snow.

Because of this, it is challenging for automobiles to identify and display conditional and variable speed limits, such as speed limits for particular vehicle types or weather conditions.

These issues are resolved when TomTom’s ADAS map data and camera input are combined. To prepare for changing speed limits, TomTom’s map data fuses with the vehicle’s ADAS functions, improving vehicle safety and efficiency.

Speed Assist System

Vehicles with extensive maps and connected service content receive higher safety ratings under the most recent Speed Assist System (SAS) protocol from EuroNCAP, which has safety standards that are even higher than those of the ISA regulation. The 2023 SAS protocol can be supported by TomTom’s ADAS services.

This includes all conditional speed limits as well as a wide range of warnings about local dangers like upcoming accidents and road characteristics like curves. Automobile manufacturers are increasingly demanding technology that achieves the highest level of safety in order to keep up with heightened safety requirements.

According to Yu Guo, VP of Software Engineering, maps will be central to the future of ADAS and AV applications and are necessary to achieve the level of accuracy that is required by current and future regulations.

They have the most comprehensive portfolio of assisted and automated driving mapping in the industry, placing them in an ideal position to support automobile manufacturers as a mapping industry leader.

TomTom’s Virtual Horizon

Virtual Horizon, a TomTom ISA solution, is utilized worldwide by automobile manufacturers for ISA compliance. The only all-in-one solution that helps automobile manufacturers meet ISA-type approval requirements is TomTom’s Virtual Horizon, which includes both a software suite for displaying the data and the data itself.

Schoofs added that they have shown to be a dependable accomplice for carmakers by giving a total mechanized driving planning portfolio that guarantees the most secure driving experience for drivers. They anticipate maintaining this momentum over the coming years, thereby consolidating TomTom’s lead in this market, as they anticipate rising take rates for ADAS.

About TomTom:

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