Kewl Media Inc Launches Streaming Radio Station Kewl.FM, Kewl.FM has Adult Pop, Modern Country, and Top Classics all in one place.

Kewl Media Inc Launches, a new streaming radio station that curates the most popular music genres together in a seamless listening experience, is proud to announce the launch of its first product,, a next-generation media company. was created by David Moss and Steve Gold, two radio professionals who have worked in the industry for a long time. It features adult contemporary and country hits as well as classics from the past 40 years in a way that no other station offers.

For the launch of Kewl Media Inc Launches , Moss and Gold bring a wealth of broadcast experience. After switching to a career leading sales, marketing, and strategic direction for a number of tech startups, Moss spent 20 years in professional broadcasting and continued his radio work on weekends in Philadelphia. He is currently a managing partner at Thasis, a company that specializes in locating, developing, and launching ground-breaking businesses in a variety of industries and turning them into profitable businesses.

After working in broadcasting for more than ten years, Gold used his connections to start a successful technical recruiting company that helped startups in the Seattle and Bay Area fill positions. He is currently Strata Q Networks’ managing partner.

Streaming Radio

As streaming radio replaces traditional terrestrial radio, significant shifts are taking place in the radio industry. Terrestrial radio, in which audio programming is sent to receivers over the airwaves, has long been the preferred method for listening to radio. However, it faces growing competition from newer digital audio entertainment formats. With its distinctive combination of audio entertainment and streaming music, stands out from the competition. It distinguishes itself from Spotify and Pandora by offering specially produced content like “Songs You Haven’t Heard in a Long Time” and the “Saturday Night Dance Party” and a lineup of experienced, diverse live DJs.

Moss, KEWL Media, Inc.’s CEO and general manager, describes the team’s excitement at introducing a new streaming radio option that provides the best audio entertainment. They have looked into how our large demographic listens to music and found that they enjoy a variety of genres, from adult-oriented pop hits to contemporary country and classic songs.

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The Bunch

These categories are combined into a single listening experience on, making it possible for listeners to access a wide range of high-quality content that fully satisfies their preferences and interests.

Kewl Media Inc Launches

Kewl Media Inc Launches , Inc. is a brand-new media company with the goal of revolutionizing streaming radio. The company is dedicated to launching innovative and compelling radio stations that offer a wide range of audio content and is focusing on the transition from terrestrial to internet radio.

Kewl Media Inc Launches Media’s flagship station, offers listeners a more convenient and customizable listening experience as well as a novel approach to music curation. In contrast to hobbyist businesses, the company is committed to growth and sustainability, and its team of experienced radio professionals ensures that all of its stations provide high-quality content. Kewl Media’s goal is to provide listeners with the best audio entertainment and to be at the forefront of the shift in the radio industry.

According to Gold, President and Music Director of Kewl Media, the transition of radio away from terrestrial to streaming is just beginning. and the other stations they will launch this year will take streaming radio from a hobby to a place it has never been by combining their extensive knowledge of capturing emerging markets, radio, and media, with their profound understanding of what people enjoy more than static playlists.

They consider themselves to be pioneers in using their reach and disrupting the status quo. Additionally, the listening experience will be unmatched.

In 2023, KEWL Media intends to launch three additional stations that will each offer a listening experience that is currently unavailable on radio. “The Country Blend,” “Flashback Radio,” and other songs will be played. The Live365 app and can both be accessed online. Additionally, the company intends to offer its signal for rebroadcast to regional and small stations.

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