The Christina Collection from Sri Lanka-owned Christina Jewellery is available now.

Christina Collection

Christina Collection Unveiled By Christina Jewellery
Blue Sapphire Necklace 18k White Gold

Christina Jewellery‘s latest offering, the “Christina Collection,” has given Sri Lanka’s renowned gem and jewellery industry a significant boost. This freshest line contains the most impeccable gem-embedded adornments, made in light of the most popular fashion trends.

The assortment isn’t just ideal as a gift for friends and family during the merry season, however, can likewise be viewed as an insightful venture for what’s in store. Clients who visit Christina Gems at No 730, Wijaya Pearls Building, Galle Street, Colombo 03, can benefit from an exceptional discount on this beautiful piece of jewellery, intended for both men and women.

The Christina Collection stands out thanks to its extensive collection, which includes a number of rings that are strikingly similar to the Royal Blue Sapphire rings Princess Diana and Princess Kate Middleton wore. The Christina Collection is a truly one-of-a-kind and exquisite product on the market because it only makes use of world-famous Ceylon Sapphire gems.

Christina Jewellery

Christina Collection Unveiled By Christina Jewellery
Blue Sapphire Rings

Christina Jewellery is a subsidiary of the Wijaya Gems Group of Companies, a name that has been associated with dependability and trustworthiness in the gem and jewellery industry for more than 45 years. Christina’s jewellery is made using only the highest processing standards from around the world, ensuring that customers get a product of unmatched quality.

Pinsiri Wijepala, managing director of Christina Jewellery, stated that the company’s mission is to provide gem-encrusted jewellery that is currently in fashion but timeless and traditional. Their goal is to present the Christina Collection, a collection of exquisite jewellery that truly reflects our dedication to providing trustworthy and professional service to their clients. He invites everyone to check out their collection in their showroom.

All in all, the Christina Collection is an unquestionable necessity for people who are searching for remarkable and wonderful gem pieces that can be treasured for ages. Christina Jewellery is still a trusted name in the gem and jewellery industry in Sri Lanka thanks to the company’s unwavering commitment to quality and professional service.

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