Widely praised Writer Nia Obotette is excited to launch her “Exploring All I Can Do Book Series,” on Kickstarter highlighting the arrival of three new books: Hockey, Fencing, and Snowboarding and Skiing.

African-American Characters

Despite the headway being made in literary diversity, children’s books are still lacking. With her book series, ” Exploring All I Can Do” Nia Obotette aims to fill this void by showcasing African-American children participating in traditionally underrepresented sports like hockey, fencing, snowboarding, and skiing.

Nia Obotette Has Launched Her New Literary Series, Exploring All I Can Do
Exploring All I Can Do by Nia Obotette

Exploring All I Can Do

“Exploring All I Can Do,”  may attract new fans by introducing children of various ages to sports they may not be familiar with. The series underlines the meaning of active work, outside play, and general well-being for the more youthful age.

Sunday, April 23, 2023, is the official launch date for the Kickstarter Campaign. Nia is thrilled to present this ground-breaking series to the world, hoping to correct the alarming statistics showing the lack of African American characters written and illustrated by people of color. Nia wants to aspire to a new generation of readers and writers.

Nia Obotette Has Launched Her New Literary Series, Exploring All I Can Do
I Am A Triathlete

Nia Obotette

Nia Obotette has previously released the children’s book, I Am A Triathlete.

The book “I Am a Triathlete” is one of a kind and encourages adults and children to learn more about triathlons. Long-distance runners and multisport fans will enjoy the bright and colorful illustrations of their sport.

I Am a Triathlete celebrates the idea that anyone, regardless of age, can finish a triathlon. Three activities are the focus of triathlons: biking, running, and swimming. The readers of this book will either be motivated to keep training, or it will inspire the next generation of triathletes.

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