In partnership with TidalWave Productions, publishers of 10th Muse, ISIS!, Atlas, Victoria’s Secret Service, and more, FASERIPopedia releases a new game using old-school role-playing rules to expand, improve and bring excitement. 

Tabletop Games

FASERIPopedia Has Partnered With TidalWave Productions On Tabletop Roleplaying Games
FASERIP opedia: FASERIP Rules Cyclopedia

The arrival of computer games has transformed more current ages of kids into gamers who have perhaps never played tabletop games. However, only those who have played tabletop roleplaying games can appreciate their undeniable appeal.

FASERIP opedia aims to be a gamemasters’ guide for playing a hero character or super-fueled game. Keeping the rules, you can foster your characters with their capacities, make stories, characterize the guidelines for battle, frame a positioning framework for legends and antagonists, pick how much damage to be done, and substantially more.

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This helpful guide for gamemasters and players, FASERIP opedia, covers every aspect of tabletop roleplaying games using Open Game Content. After going through it, even people who are new to RPG games can feel confident enough to start playing.

The characters and universe of TidalWave Productions are licensed for publication as game books. At the moment, their Character Roster page lets you see their characters online.

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