High control rates and improved quality of life are demonstrated by the cutting-edge, nearly non-invasive prostate cancer treatment developed by Dr. Lederman and the RSNY team.

Prostate Cancer

Millions of men around the world are affected by prostate cancer, which is the most common type of cancer affecting men. As examination and innovation advance, new treatment choices are arising to assist patients in dealing with their condition all the more successfully.

Innovative New Radiosurgery Treatment Offers New Hope For Men With Prostate Cancer
Don’t take chances on your life. Choose Radiosurgery

The one-of-a-kind treatment program developed by Dr. Gil Lederman and his team at Radiosurgery New York (RSNY) is one such innovation. It provides patients with a nearly non-invasive method for treating prostate cancer while maintaining their quality of life.

Dr. Lederman and the RSNY doctors have a broad foundation in prostate cancer treatment, with north of twenty years of involvement and in excess of 3,000 men treated. Their data, which compares them to the majority of major centers in the United States over five and ten years, support their treatment strategy strongly. Numerous patients pick treatment with RSNY doctors because of their experience and the solid outcomes they have illustrated.



Innovative New Radiosurgery Treatment Offers New Hope For Men With Prostate Cancer
Dr. Gill Lederman

The one-of-a-kind program developed by Dr. Lederman combines seed implantation with fractionated stereotactic, resulting in high control rates and long-term cancer-free survival rates. patients may find this treatment option appealing because it appears to provide a better quality of life outcomes than open surgery.

Innovative New Radiosurgery Treatment Offers New Hope For Men With Prostate Cancer
The Myths and Reality of Localized Prostate Cancer

 The results of Dr. Lederman’s program are encouraging for both high-risk cancer patients and low-risk cancer patients with low PSA and Gleason scores. The doctors at RSNY have put huge exertion in fostering their imaginative, almost painless therapy, using human-drove PC-helped radiation seed implantation set under fluoroscopic, ultrasonic, and PC direction. Body radiosurgery, which employs technology beyond conformal using stereotactic fiducials, intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT), and the most recent advancements to guarantee the highest probability of remission from prostate cancer, typically follows this method.


One of the few centers that exclusively uses Palladium seeds in their treatment approach is RSNY. This decision was made solely for patient care reasons. This state-of-the-art technique sets Dr. Lederman and his group separated from other treatment places, building up their obligation to give the most ideal consideration to their patients.

Other innovations in the treatment of prostate cancer include advances in hormone therapy, immunotherapy, and targeted therapies that concentrate on specific molecular characteristics of cancer cells. These innovations are in addition to the advancements made by Dr. Lederman and RSNY. These treatments provide a more individualized approach that is tailored to each patient’s specific requirements.

Innovative New Radiosurgery Treatment Offers New Hope For Men With Prostate Cancer
A view of seeds placed in the prostate.


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The detection and monitoring of prostate cancer have also been improved by the development of new imaging methods like PSMA PET scans and multiparametric MRI. Patients’ outcomes will improve as a result of these advancements’ more precise staging and treatment planning.

Patients can anticipate the availability of more efficient and less invasive treatments as the field of prostate cancer treatment continues to develop. People who are affected by this difficult condition now have reason to be hopeful thanks to the dedication of researchers and medical professionals like Dr. Lederman and his group at RSNY. With an emphasis on working on persistent results and safeguarding personal satisfaction, these headways address a huge forward-moving step in the administration and therapy of prostate malignant growth.

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