Kerri Jones, a New Orleans native and empty-nester, started her travel blog, Travel Makes Me Happy, to help fellow travelers learn, grow, and be inspired.

Kerri Jones

Kerri Jones, an experienced traveler, empty nester, and art lover, has now launched her blog, Travel Makes Me Happy. By sharing captivating tales from personal experiences, insider tips, and destination guides, Kerri hopes her blog will inspire, educate, and entertain fellow travelers.

In The Travel Makes Me Happy Blog, Kerri Jones Shares Her Adventures And Expert Travel Advice
The Travel Makes Me Happy Blog helps empty nesters find the confidence to travel the world

Kerri has a unique background in sociology and art that enables her to see the world through a different perspective, giving her readers a new point of view. Her insights into culture, history, and human connection are showcased on the blog, as is practical guidance for eager adventurers.

Travel Makes Me Happy

The Travel Makes Me Happy blog has had a loyal following ever since it started because of its engaging, informative, and visually appealing content. The blog provides helpful information for both seasoned and novice travelers with posts that cater to a wide range of interests, including detailed travel how-to guides and off-the-beaten-path destinations.

Kerri’s personal experience as an empty-nester has fueled her desire to share her adventures with other adventurers and fueled her enthusiasm for traveling to new places. reflects her enthusiasm and commitment to forming a community of like-minded people who enjoy traveling for self-discovery and exploration.

Kerri and the team are seasoned travelers who are aware of the difficulties that frequently accompany travel planning and strive to impart knowledge on how to overcome them.

In The Travel Makes Me Happy Blog, Kerri Jones Shares Her Adventures And Expert Travel Advice
New Orleans is the base for the Travel Makes Me Happy blog

In order to ensure that readers are well-prepared and confident in their own journeys, blog posts cover topics such as travel safety, budgeting, packing tips, hotel reviews, favorite destinations, and the sociological impact of tourism. In addition, the blog publishes enlightening articles based on the most recent research on the benefits of travel for individuals, with a particular focus on encouraging people who have recently retired to travel and explore.

In The Travel Makes Me Happy Blog, Kerri Jones Shares Her Adventures And Expert Travel Advice
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 The mission of the blog is to demonstrate the way that self-improvement and advancement can be acquired from the new encounters and connections that accompany travel experiences by offering useful exhortation on the most proficient method to venture to the far corners of the planet and track down satisfaction en route.

Regarding Kerri Jones:

KJ for short is a sociologist who also loves art and has traveled the world. She started the “Travel Makes Me Happy” blog because she wanted to inspire, educate, and entertain fellow travelers with her unique perspective and expert travel advice. She also wanted to share her love of exploration.

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