In The Message, Dr. Michael Ritivoi Hansen Discusses Life Under Mandatory Marxism, a doctor and author, wrote the book The Message, which is based on his own experiences.


Karl Marx’s political theory, Marxism, advocates class warfare and envisions a society in which everyone owns all property: the communist administration. The Marxist government determines how much each person is paid. Not long after the end of World War II, Dr. Michael Ritivoi Hansen and every citizen in the country saw changes in their way of life.

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The Message

The Soviet Union imposed Marxism in Eastern Europe as its understanding of the Sphere of Influence, despite the international agreement. This new worth framework was forced on Hansen and the nation over, with an impossible result. The author describes the flawed mentality he developed while living under Communism for so long in Romania. When he immigrated to the United States, he experienced a profound transformation.

Dr. Michael Ritivoi Hansen

During World War II, Dr. Michael Ritivoi Hansen was born in Romania. After spending time in an Austrian camp for refugees, he moved to the United States, got his dental license, and soon became the proud owner of his clinic in Orange County, California, where he worked for 39 years. Dr. Hansen is proud to be a grandfather to two granddaughters and a father to one daughter. He enjoys seeing them enjoy true freedom.

According to Hansen, the things that he truly required in life were love, respect, wisdom, and knowledge—none of which he acquired while living in a marxist state. The Message is an eye-opener for readers who want to learn about a person’s life under the disruptive marxist policy of hatred toward those who don’t share their ideology.

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