Mark Craven, the author, is thrilled to offer his brand-new book, Dads Kiss Your Sons, for the first week of its release at a special  pre-sale price of $0.99

Dads Kiss Your Sons

Author Mark Craven is a Pittsburgh-based blogger and creator in the self-improvement specialty. He has a tremendous amount of passion for assisting individuals in realizing their full potential and establishing themselves in an unfamiliar setting. But Craven’s greatest joy is being a father, and his mission is to inspire other men to be present in their sons’ lives, to love their children openly, and to find fulfillment.

Craven recently announced that Dads Kiss Your Sons, his most anticipated book to date, has been published. The book, which teaches men how to be more present and loving fathers, will be available for a limited time at a pre-sale price of just $0.99 for the first week of its release. It is based on neurological system and development psychology research and is woven into Craven’s own fatherhood experience.

Dads Kiss Your Sons By Mark Craven Teaches Fathers To Be Loving To Their Little Boys
Dads Kiss Your Sons by Mark Craven

Craven explained that the goal he is trying to reach by writing and publishing Dads Kiss Your Sons is to encourage new and expecting fathers who are afraid of becoming fathers to just stay and love their children as fully as they can. This book contains practices that will take readers on a journey toward becoming fuller versions of themselves, allowing them to be fuller versions for their children.

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Mark Craven

Due to his mother’s poor parenting, Craven didn’t meet his father until he was 22 years old, which sets his book apart from others in this genre. They decided to take a paternity test after living with his father for three years, but they failed.

Craven recalled learning in the 1980s that his real father was a wrestler in the WWF. In addition, his assumed father is Italian, while his actual father is Black, resulting in a sudden shift in his ethnicity. He was terrified to become a father because of his past, but he discovered that it was the best experience he could have ever hoped for.

Mark Cowardly flaunts a graduate degree in Advanced education Administration and four year certification in Science. Over the past ten years, Craven has worked in higher education to support students in realizing that their lofty dreams were actually doable and to assist them in achieving their academic objectives.

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