To navigate the changing boardroom environment of today, executives require communication coaching.

The Art Of Presentation

Quite possibly the greatest change in many years is going on in meeting rooms today. The guidelines are evolving. The AV is changing, but presentations are changing the most. According to Anett Grant, who has served as a communication coach to 61 Fortune 100 companies for more than four decades, the art of presentation is undergoing significant transformations right now.

 To successfully navigate these transformations in the boardroom, executives must recognize these changes.


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The shift in the timeline is one of the changes. Previously, when executives had to give a 20-minute presentation, they would take 15 minutes to show the board their PowerPoints and then leave 5 minutes for questions and answers.

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When executives are required to give a presentation that lasts for twenty minutes, they can only devote five minutes at most to the PowerPoint presentation and at least fifteen minutes to questions and answers. As a result, executives no longer have the option of polishing and perfecting their presentations. They now have to learn how to speak on their own.

Today’s boards expect candidates to have skills on par with NASCAR drivers, such as being able to answer difficult questions with precision while speaking at a speed of 150 words per minute.

Character And Conviction

The merging of character and conviction is another change that is taking place in today’s transformation of the boardroom.

In the past, executives were expected to deliver their message with conviction—not a lot of personality—in a typical presentation. After-hours board dinners were where executives were expected to demonstrate their character.

Executives today are expected to exhibit conviction and character in the same meeting, driven by COVID and technological advancements. Leaders should move from their dry information conveyance to dynamic conveyance of the show and the story.

To present a picture that reflects not only their character but also the business, executives require new skills. Their tales cannot be saved for dinner. In the meeting, they must accurately and relevantly tell their stories.

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Grant compared it to switching from black and white to Technicolor. The present chiefs should recount their accounts with the reds of enthusiasm, the blues of examination, and the greens of vision.

Communication Coaching

Therefore, executives require communication coaching to improve their ability to present a picture that simultaneously highlights their character and the company in a single meeting.

Another change that is occurring in the present meeting room change is the viewpoint on numbers.

In the past, headlines and supporting data were presented alongside numbers, placing them front and center. It was expected of executives to explain the numbers to the board in detail.

Today, numbers are in the background. The numbers are still there, however, the assumptions have changed, and chiefs are supposed to give an undeniable level perspective on the importance, the ramifications, and the vision.

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