In her book, Wicked Women Of Yore, author D. Lawrence-Young discusses what inspired her research on criminal women throughout history. 



Wicked Women Of Yore- D. Lawrence-Young

Written by JJ Barnes 

 Tell me who D. Lawrence-Young are. D Lawrence-Young - Wicked Women Of Yore

 I was born in Great Britain in 1946 and moved to Israel in 1968 as a qualified teacher. I taught English and History in high school and college until I retired in 2013. I wrote my first novel, To puddle, in 1999 and have since  written and  published in the UK, US and US. Israel 25 Historical & Polar.I am married, I have 2 children and 4 grandchildren. I have lived in Jerusalem since 1984. I love to read and travel, both in Israel and abroad, I play the clarinet (poorly) and today I work as a volunteer helping children learn English, like, and repairing wheelchairs in a community organization. 

When do you want to write a book?

At Junior School in London in the 1950s.

 When did you decide to start writing?

 I  started writing material for students in the 70’s when I was an English teacher  and  it has grown steadily ever since. 

How long did it take you to write your first book, from idea to publication?

 About 6 months of preparation and writing, then a year to find a publisher and publish.

How long did it take to  entire your latest book from initial concept to  edition?

about five months. Type fast if I know what I mean.

focuses on the latest version. What prompted you  to write Wicked Women of Yore?

I wrote my latest history book, Wicked Women of Dawn, because I wanted to do a companion volume to my Villains of the Dawn Treader and  thought a genre-focused history book  would be a good idea. because (I think) most novels, history books, etc. are read by women.

What were your biggest challenges  writing Wicked Women of Jadis?

Find bad women to write about. Some of them had already appeared in my previous villains, so I had to find  more. However, there seemed to be so many  that it really wasn’t a problem. After all, I had a list of  forty! Another problem was finding enough information about some of them.

What is the arson incident in Wicked Women of Jadis?

If several naughty women are caught, e.g. Elizabeth Bathory (Hungarian serial killer), Mary Anne Cotton (serial killer) and Mary Baker (con artist) and their reactions. 

What is the main conflict of the Wicked Women Of Yore? D Lawrence-Young - Wicked Women Of Yore

Various evil women who take over the society  they lived in at the time.

Did you plan Wicked Women Of Yore in advance, or did you fly behind your pants and start writing? 

I planned it carefully in advance, i.e. who I would write about, and then worked hard to get the schedule right. 

Did you get any assembly help and how much assembly did The Wicked Women Of Yore take?

I was not (as usual) given any editorial help with the writing, but my professional editor was very busy afterwards when he received the finished ms. 

What is the main slice of writing advice you would give someone that inspired you to write a story? 

Enjoy your writing and get involved, then  seriously review it.

Can you tell me what other books you would like to write?

A book about Dona Gracia Mendes Nasi (1510-1569), a wealthy Portuguese Jewish  philanthropist who was also a proto-Zionist and hoped for an independent state for the Jews.

And finally: Are you proud of your godsend? Was it worth it?

Yes, I’m proud of what I’ve written so far. It was worth it and I will keep going for as long as possible. I learn a lot from my writing and it takes a lot of  time and thought.

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