It’s comforting to know that our own instincts are right; taking a break and going to the coast improves your mood, and science explains why.

Health Benefits

Why Going To The Coast Improves Your Mood
Visit the coast

There is now a wealth of scientific evidence to support the health benefits of running through the leaves in a forest or standing on a beach with the salt air on your face. The gigantic force of supposed green and blue spaces to further develop both mental and actual prosperity has been the subject of a few examinations over the most recent twenty years and has given us intriguing information to back up what we previously felt to be valid: Going to the coast is the best way to feel good.

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The science may also provide a solution to the mystery of Pembrokeshire’s widespread popularity. It is the only coastal national park in the UK and combines the best of stunning and inspiring landscapes surrounded by amazing rivers, beaches, and coastlines. It is the ultimate package vacation because it is so simple to get to the best green and blue spaces.

Blue Spaces

One of the most in-depth explanations of the power of blue spaces (the sea, rivers, lakes, and even ponds!) was created by University of Glasgow researchers. They accumulated proof from concentrates across the world and found more than adequate confirmation that water elements can be important general well-being resources.

Why Going To The Coast Improves Your Mood
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Niamh Smith, a co-author of the study, stated in a BBC article that the team discovered that spending time in blue spaces affected mental and general health. The examination likewise connected time spent in blue space to a decrease in weight file (BMI) and a lower chance of mortality.

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Green Spaces

Getting out into nature (green spaces) has likewise been found to help our well-being. The evidence of positive effects from nature includes studies on specific psychological conditions such as depression, anxiety, and mood disorder, according to a New Scientist article. It has also been demonstrated that having access to nature can help generate a sense of purpose in life, as well as improve sleep and reduce stress, happiness, and negative emotions.

For the proprietor of the Little Retreat, Amber Lort-Phillips, none of these decisions come as a shock. He explained that whether it’s coupled with searching for strolls, cycling, kayaking, or paddleboarding in Lawrenny, or families visiting the seashores and shoreline, so many visitors have said their time here has left them feeling great.


For decades, the unique appeal of Pembrokeshire has been recognized. After World War II, the people in charge of creating the UK’s National Parks sat on the castle terrace in Lawrenny to plan these easily accessible and healing natural retreats in Wales. These parks were seen as essential for helping to heal a nation that had been traumatized.

Why Going To The Coast Improves Your Mood
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Amber shared that we’ve been through some pretty tough times as a nation in the last three years, so it’s a good time to get back in touch with the places and spaces that we know make us feel better about ourselves and about life!

The Little Retreat in Lawrenny

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Lawrenny is surrounded on three sides by the formidable Daugleddau, a pair of extensive estuaries and river systems that cut right through the heart of Pembrokeshire (the name of the river comes from Welsh: two and cloudy, which means sword). This implies there are miles of shielded streams to investigate on kayaks or SUPs and broad pathways that breeze along the waterway edges through the absolute most significant bird and flower living spaces in Europe. There are additionally loads of calm bicycle trails and courses close by. The well-known natural wonders of the north Pembrokeshire coastline can be reached within forty minutes, while the well-known beaches of the south coast are 20 minutes away.

Two months after VE Day, the government set up the Hobhouse Committee to find the best places in the UK to build national parks so that the country’s exhausted and broken citizens could escape and recover from the war’s horrors. In 1946, they traveled to Lawrenny to establish the boundaries of the Welsh national park.

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