Spotcovery, a platform committed to the promotion of the black community, society, innovativeness, business ventures, and monetary development, is proud to announce its African food and recipe series. The series will showcase the best African American, Afro-Caribbean, and African food, with new recipes posted weekly from different African countries.


Spotcovery’s new recipe series will be a useful resource for people who want to learn more about the continent’s rich and varied culinary traditions. The platform strives to connect all Africans, regardless of where they live.

African Cuisine Showcased In New Recipe Series From Spotcovery
The ultimate source for African American, Afro-Caribbean and African culinary traditions

Every recipe will be carefully chosen to exhibit the interesting flavors and elements of every country, with simple-to-follow directions that make it open to all degrees of cooking experience.

The food and recipe series on Spotcovery aims to be the primary resource for those interested in learning more about African cuisine. The series will provide a comprehensive overview of the continent’s rich culinary heritage, ranging from well-known regional specialties like Kashata Za, a Tanzanian peanut brittle, and Saka Saka, a Congolese Cassava leaf soup.

Spotcovery offers a wide range of content designed to educate, inspire, and empower users in addition to the food and recipe series. The platform provides authentic content on a global scale that covers all things Black, from media and entertainment to sports and recreation to finance and cryptocurrencies to health and medicine to lifestyle and wellness to marketing and advertising.

Black-Owned Business Directory

Spotcovery likewise offers a Black-Owned Business Directory, where entrepreneurs can list their organizations for free to acquire exposure to their main interest group. The Black Community Facebook Group on the platform gives members early access to exclusive content and hosts lively discussions.

Spotcovery is thrilled to continue its mission of accelerating the race to cultural, creative, and financial independence for all African ancestors with its new food and recipe series.

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