Drip Bags From Bean Curious Are The New Hong Kong Coffee Trend

Since September 2022, searches for specialty coffee and drip bag searches have doubled, according to ahrefs data.

Drip Bags Hong Kong Coffee Scene

 Drip coffee bags and immersion coffee bags have increased in popularity among ... Therefore, each option will have its own target market. vnmathsThe coffee scene in Hong Kong has grown a lot, and now that pandemic restrictions have been eased, more people are enjoying premium coffee. The demand for simple-to-prepare coffee for on-the-go consumption is rising in tandem with consumers’ preference for higher-quality coffee at cafes.

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Drip Bag Coffee

According to data from Google Trends and Ahrefs, consumers visiting coffee websites that sell premium drip bag coffees nearly doubled between September 2022 and January 2023. The curve indicates that this trend will continue into 2023. Drip bags are coffee’s answer to tea bags, in case you haven’t tried them before.

At an industrial roastery, drip bag coffee is made in a one-stop production that includes roasting, grinding, and packaging. The roasted beans are ground and packed into airtight sachets after waiting to cool and degas. To prevent oxidation, an inert gas like nitrogen is injected. Drip coffee packets can be kept in this way for up to a year without losing their flavor.

Drip bags are convenient because they require little equipment to prepare: All you need is a cup and a pot of hot water. It is a great way to prepare hand-poured coffee while traveling, camping, or at the office—no grinder or machine required—because the innovative paper handles grip any cup or mug.

 Drip coffee bags and immersion coffee bags have increased in popularity among ... Therefore, each option will have its own target market.There are numerous online guides for how to prepare drip bag coffee for more information.

Drip bag coffee is most popular with people who don’t like instant coffee or don’t have the money or space for a coffee pod machine. Drip bags are available from more than fifty Hong Kong suppliers. These single-serve coffees, which range in price from as little as $10 per sachet to as much as $35 HKD per sachet, include daily drivers like house blends, premium coffees, and single-origin specialty coffees.

Bean Curious

BeanCurious Coffee imports specialty coffee from farms all over the world. The company was founded in Hong Kong in 2008. In Wong Chuk Hang, all of our beans are freshly roasted.

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