CEO With Serious Allergies, Julianne Ponan MBE, Launches Schools’ Education Programme

CEO With Serious Allergies, Julianne Ponan MBE, Launches Schools' Education Programme

Creative Nature’s CEO, Julianne Ponan MBE, is teaching thousands of schoolchildren about allergies. This program, developed in collaboration with Positively Allergic’s Stephanie Hulme and The Allergy Badge’s Natalie Hopkins, went live during Allergy Awareness Week 2023.

Allergy Awareness Week

Up to 5,000 children in schools across the UK are being educated by Julianne Ponan MBE, CEO of Creative Nature, a top 14 allergen-free brand, about living with allergies.

Together with Allergy Advocate influencer Stephanie Hulme of Positively Allergic and Allergy education specialist Natalie Hopkins of The Allergy Badge, the campaigner is urging schools in the UK to participate in their new education program during Allergy Awareness Week 2023 (April 24).

Free Education Program

Julianne, Stephanie, and Natalie are looking for headteachers and senior teachers who are willing to host her new free education program about living with allergies because there are an average of two children in each class who have food allergies.

CEO With Serious Allergies, Julianne Ponan MBE, Launches Schools' Education Programme
Julianne Ponan

Julianne explained that there is a group of “allergy moms” from all over the UK who are willing to go into their local schools to educate students about what it’s like to live with allergies and to foster more kindness and tolerance toward children who are allergic to foods and drinks that they consume daily.

Julianne Ponan

Julianne has serious and complex sensitivities and hypersensitivity which became exposed when she was a baby. During her school life, she frequently felt isolated and avoided due to her dietary needs. She was made to feel ‘different’. Even though having allergies already makes you stand out, it can make you feel even more lonely in a school setting. So she wants to give something back by offering her help to kids who are battling with the day-to-day realities of having allergies. Having lived it, and lobbied for sensitivity mindfulness, she knows she can help them and their schoolmates.

Julianne wants to help those kids who are like her, and ideally improve their time in school. She wants to educate children and teachers about the seriousness of allergies, and how their activities can have real results that can on occasion be life-threatening. It is essential to provide this information to children in schools as soon as possible.

Topics covered:

What an auto-injector is, how to use it, and what it does.

Demonstrating empathy for friends who suffer from allergies to prevent them from being viewed as odd or strange.

How to teach their friends how to eat safely, such as how to wipe down the tables after they eat in case they eat something that will make their friends react.

CEO With Serious Allergies, Julianne Ponan MBE, Launches Schools' Education Programme
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Being aware of the allergens that prevent their friend from eating certain foods.

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Allergies In School

Julianne has collaborated with Positively Allergic’s Stephanie Hulme and The Allergy Badge’s Natalie Hopkins to carry out the project, as well as a large group of allergy parents and teachers.

Julianne has experienced firsthand how alienating food allergies can be at school. In primary school, she was often left out and was made to feel different as a result of her allergies. She was made to sit separately from every other child when she had her lunch. In the realm of allergies, this is frequently called ‘sitting at the allergy table’.

She was in many cases ridiculed, or called awkward, or more terrible – a spoiled brat because other children were not old enough to understand the issues her food sensitivities caused. Her life depends upon her being careful about what she eats and drinks.

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Creative Nature

All nuts are one of Julianne’s severe allergies, and if she is exposed to one of them, she may experience anaphylactic shock, as she did just last month. She founded Creative Nature and developed a line of allergy-safe, tasty, and healthy snacks for people like herself.

Julianne’s sensitivities were – and are – serious to the point that it’s not just about what she eats or drinks, it also means she must be cautious about what everyone around her eats and drinks. When you’re a child, this is a difficult thing. She believes that by sharing this information, she can assist schools in being fully inclusive, as it is their responsibility to provide a safe environment in which all students can thrive.

It is anticipated that approximately 5000 children will receive allergy awareness training, with additional free sessions offered to schools.

Creative Nature’s award-winning products are free from the main 14 allergens and use superfood fixings to both works on their supplement worth and make them lower in sugar than the choices available.

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