Members of the Purrfect Whiskers NFT project can sponsor a rescue cat associated with their particular token, in addition to networking and investment opportunities.

Purrfect Whiskers

The NFT project Purrfect Whisker is excited to invite people to register for the whitelist of their upcoming mint, which is a call to all cat lovers who are interested in starting their own businesses to do so together.

Registration for the Cat-Loving NFT Project, Purrfect Whiskers, Is Now Open
Purrfect Whiskers

The playful NFT artwork features a collection of modern-day cats with perfectly groomed whiskers. The adoption of a real rescue cat sponsored by the project will be represented by some rare tokens.

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The kitty’s progress in their new home will be reported to the lucky holders of these tokens.


On March 6, 2023, the first minting will take place, and whitelisted buyers will be able to purchase up to four tokens at a discounted price of 0.03 ETH. Prospective buyers can sign up for the Purrfect Whisker community on Twitter and Discord, and then register their interest at this link. to be considered for the whitelist.

Registration for the Cat-Loving NFT Project, Purrfect Whiskers, Is Now Open

Endrik Koverjalg

The Purrfect Whiskers project was started by founder Endrik Koverjalg not only for people to celebrate their love of cats, but also to bring together like-minded entrepreneurs and provide a supportive setting for new ideas.

Koverjalg explained that the project team has extensive experience starting a business from the ground up. Once Purrfect Whisker is up and running, they will organize networking events to build the community and plan to launch an investment round to fund member-generated ideas.

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