The next-generation AI dating app Iris Dating Landscape with Cutting-Edge AI recently reached a 2 million users milestone. 

Iris Dating Landscape

Iris Dating Landscape uses artificial intelligence to predict mutual attraction. Iris has made selfie verification for profile pictures a requirement in an effort to create a safe and reliable environment. This makes sure that every profile is real, so there is no chance of being scammed and users can connect and find love in a safe environment.

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Iris Dating

To ensure the safety and authenticity of our users, we have successfully blocked over 300,000 potential scammers.

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Iris is revolutionizing the Iris Dating Landscape scene and quickly becoming the go-to choice for people looking for meaningful connections thanks to its original approach to matchmaking. In addition, Chat GPT AI technology is incorporated into Iris Dating to create highly personalized and persuasive bios for its users that truly reflect their individual personalities and interests, enhancing the dating experience to new heights.

The capacity of iris to continuously learn and enhance the user experience is one of the main contributors to its success. Iris is able to match users with partners they are attracted to using cutting-edge Attraction DNA™ technology, giving it a 40 times greater chance of finding a mutual match than other dating apps.

Iris will pay up to $3,000 in airfare for users who live more than 300 miles apart in order for them to meet in person and take their relationship to the next level. This is done in the event that its AI detects a high level of mutual attraction.

Igor Khalatian

Igor Khalatian, CEO and Founder of Iris, was fascinated by the potential of AI to understand who you find attractive and started Iris Dating. He was compelled to bring the concept to life because it had captured his imagination. Khalatian wondered if he could develop a dating app that could efficiently create an AI clone that knew which facial features a person finds most attractive in another person. This clone could scan a million people in a matter of minutes and focus on a select few who fit a person’s personality.

Igor Khalatian, a computer science enthusiast with 13 patents and a Ph.D., brings extensive industry experience to his projects. After his previous company was acquired, he worked as Vice President of Development at Oracle Corporation, where he honed his skills at Bell Labs. Igor enjoys climbing when he is not working, and he has summited more than 200 high peaks worldwide.

At Iris, they want to provide a bespoke dating experience for people who are sick and tired of being swiped at and catfished. AI is used in their advanced three-phase training process to comprehend what draws you in and suggest compatible partners beyond proximity and shared interests. A one-of-a-kind training process begins when you sign up with Iris. You’ll be asked to rate a few random photos at first. Iris, on the other hand, starts to show you photos it thinks you’ll like as it learns more about your preferences. As a result, the proportion of photos that you will find attractive rises significantly. The rate increases from 10% to 85% for men and from 3% to 55% for women.

The Iris Team

A group of people who were fed up with fake profiles, catfishing, and endless swipes created iris. fed up with wasting time. Online dating has become extremely time-consuming due to its gamification: The quality of connections has been outweighed by the quantity of interactions. Since machine learning is a never-ending process, iris’s results become more accurate as it learns more about a member’s preferences over time. Iris constantly learns from the choices that users make, so recommendations are always getting better. This makes the experience easier by reducing useless interactions and redefining how people find love online.

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