The Magicycle fat tire powerhouse is truly a force to be reckoned with a step through the plan.


Magicycle has a well-deserved reputation for making fat tire e-bikes with beautiful lines. The Ocelot Pro, like Magicycle’s other models, is a stunning piece of equipment. This e-bicycle is definitely something beyond incredible to look at…it’s likewise a dependable great ride. If you’re looking for a powerful, comfortable, and well-built fat tire electric bike, this one is definitely worth a closer look.

Be an Educated E-bicycle Customer

Looking for an e-bicycle can challenging. Every year, the e-bike market expands by leaps and bounds, resulting in an incredible variety of brands, models, and designs. It’s not easy to pick just one, but knowing a few key points that customers can use to narrow down their options is helpful. Power, comfort, range, accommodation size, and build quality are the most influential factors on customers. The consumer can feel confident in his decision to purchase a fat-tire electric bike that is dependable and long-lasting if he conducts research based on these five categories.

Motor Power and Torque Magicycle

Motor Power and Torque Magicycle went to great lengths to ensure that riders of all sizes could ride on any terrain with the power they required. The Ocelot Ace is furnished with an astonishing new center point engine that creates an entire 1000 watts of pinnacle power! Compared to its predecessor, this motor has significant improvements.

The original 26-inch Magicycle cruiser still has the same dependable motor, but it has been tweaked just enough to increase torque by about 12%. Its torque, which is now rated at 96 nm (Neuton Meters), is comparable to that of a typical 800 cc motorcycle. A rider won’t ever need to stress over moving rapidly across a jam-packed crossing point. He’ll be able to conquer even steep hills with this kind of torque.

To produce 96.8 Neuton meters of torque, the Magicycle Ocelot Pro’s motor has been carefully designed. A purchaser won’t find numerous e-bicycles that can give his that sort of force. In point of fact, the Ocelot Pro provides riders with approximately the same torque as an 800cc motorcycle! It’s nice to know that all that torque is there, even if he never needs it! At the point when a rider contemplates fast beginnings, cruising rate, and slope climbing capacity — every one of these is connected with power and force.

Fat Tire Ebike, Magicycle Ocelot Pro, With Step Thru Design
Magicycle Step Thru Ocelot Pro

Everyone wants a powerful electric bike with a lot of torque and fat tires. Without a powerful high-torque motor, those steep climbs where one gets the best views are not at all entertaining. Whether he rides in his neighborhood or seeks out interesting off-road locations with challenging terrain, the Magicycle Ocelot Pro will meet his hill climbing needs.

The Ocelot Pro

Magicycle Ocelot Pro‘s hub motor is the ideal size, delivering 1000 watts of peak power and 750 watts of nominal power. On the off chance that a rider makes do with a 250-watt or even a 500-watt engine, his fat tire e-bicycle will feel underpowered on the precarious slopes. Additionally, the upgraded motor has a significant heat resistance feature. A rider gains not only more power but also longer motor life as a result of the improved heat resistance. Because it accounts for a significant portion of the overall cost of an e-bike, the motor’s quality and longevity are extremely important.

Long Reach Limit

Fat tire e-bicycle riders enjoy the benefit of deciding to ride in a wide assortment of landscapes, and it’s critical to realize they can arrive and get back home on a solitary battery charge. The range is important whether you want to go outside and see wildlife or just get to work and home. E-bike manufacturers are quick to proclaim themselves as the “king of long-range rides” because everyone wants longer ranges. By and large, the real accessible reach is extremely normal. Actually, Magicycle has contributed to the longer range’s realization!

A normal rider could think the MAGiCYCLE Configuration Group would essentially continue the remarkable 52-volt battery from the first cruisers. Magicycle has chosen to go the extra mile instead of going the quick and simple route. The Ocelot Pro comes with a new battery that has been designed to give riders more range.

The new battery is still perfectly integrated into the frame, even after the amp hours were increased from 15 to 20. The 25% lift in amp hours implies riders can anticipate a scope of up to 75-80 miles. Naturally, the range will be reduced if they weigh 275 pounds and primarily ride in hilly terrain. Wind speed, tire filling, and the heaviness of adornments and other stuff are additionally significant variables in deciding the reachability.

Fat Tire Ebike, Magicycle Ocelot Pro, With Step Thru Design

Comfortable Riding

A long-range e-bike is only useful if it is comfortable to ride! Since riders are considering purchasing a fat tire e-bike, it’s likely that they intend to ride frequently and far. As a result, riding comfort is crucial! If an e-bike is uncomfortable to ride, it will just sit in the garage collecting dust.
This is the smaller, sleeker, higher-quality cruiser that fulfills the rider’s desire for both convenience and comfort. The Ocelot Pro is a beautiful, comfortable, easy-to-ride beach cruiser with a laid-back style. The Ocelot Pro opens up a whole new world of cruising comfort for riders who aren’t used to riding big 26-inch cruisers. It is accessible in a decision of step-over or step-through models.

A vital part of e-bicycle solace is outline measuring. Numerous e-bicycle producers base the casing measuring on seat tube length. Unfortunately, seat tube length is not a primary consideration. Undeniably more significant are body-hand distance change and seat low-bend droop plan with the goal that riders have sufficient stand-over distance for their leg inseam length.

The Magicycle creators accept these vital ergonomics as the essential models as they work on the plan of an e-bicycle, particularly a long-range e-bicycle like the Ocelot Master. They know Ocelot riders will take longer rides, and this makes solace much more significant. The Magicycle riding frame triangle is the foundation for “the most comfortable ride ever” thanks to its geometry and high-quality materials. The Ocelot Pro’s ability to endure long rides without getting tired is well-received by owners.

The Magicycle Configuration Group

The Magicycle Configuration Group has designed the Ocelot Genius’ casing in a manner that permits the pedals to be pushed ahead by 5cm, permitting riders to normally extend their legs. Although five centimeters may not seem like much at first, it is sufficient to assist riders between the ages of 5’5″ and 6’5″ in establishing the riding posture that is most conducive to their comfort. In addition, riders under 5’5″ continue to enjoy a high level of comfort. Long-distance riding is made simple and comfortable by the smooth pedaling and forceful pedaling of Magicycle owners.

This augments the solace, power, and proficiency of each and every pedal stroke, in any event, for more limited riders.
Although it may seem counterintuitive, the Magicycle frame is made of a high-strength aluminum alloy because aluminum is more rigid than steel. It flexes less under weighty pedal tension than does a steel outline.

The outcome is that more energy from the work of accelerating goes straightforwardly to turning the wheel, and very nearly zero energy is squandered in flexing the casing. The use of the most cutting-edge technology for the aluminum frame is the source of all this ease. Magicycle once more achieves high scores in terms of rider comfort and safety thanks to its reduced weight and long lifespan.

Fat Tire Ebike, Magicycle Ocelot Pro, With Step Thru Design
Magicycle Long-range Ocelot Pro

Each rider maintains that the open door should mount and descend easily. Numerous customers have bought full-size fat tire e-bikes only to find that they are not the right size. The big cruisers with 26-inch tires frequently prove to be difficult to handle for riders who are shorter than average in height or who have physical limitations.

Step-Through Frame

The Ocelot Pro utilizes a well-liked step-through frame in its design. For individuals with different actual difficulties that make trekking troublesome, step-through e-bicycles are making it conceivable to get back to trekking. Much more established senior grown-ups are re-finding the delight of bicycle riding. For thousands of people who once thought they would never ride a bike again, the pedal assists feature of e-bikes is making their lives more enjoyable. The availability of step-through e-bikes is crucial, in addition to the motor. Simply put, getting on and off a step-through, an e-bike is much simpler.

E-bike enthusiasts are increasingly embracing step-through electric bikes. A few customers very much like the vibes of the step-through bicycle outlines, however, numerous e-bicycle fans incline toward step-through e-bicycles for the benefits they offer. A traditional step-over model may make it difficult for people of average height to swing a leg over it, but a true stop-thru model makes it simple!

Perusers who have lived past the age of 60 will probably review the expression “young lady’s bicycle.” It was referred to as a step-through bicycle in those bygone days. Sometime in the past most young ladies and ladies were supposed to wear a skirt or dress in broad daylight. Of course, riding a bike while wearing a skirt or dress was much simpler with a step-through frame. Those days are currently covered ever, and people the same are partaking in the advantages of a fat tire e-bicycle in the step-through style.

Quality Is the Most Important Factor

Power, range, comfort, and size are all important considerations when considering an e-bike, but the rider’s safety is the most important one. Every consumer of e-bikes must have this. The extremely basic key to rider security is quality control during the creation of an e-bicycle. Rider safety is in doubt unless quality is guaranteed at every manufacturing stage.

Most customers don’t understand that the MAGiCYCLE organization has been creating e-bicycles for a considerable length of time prior to acquainting any e-bicycles with the US market. All along, MAGiCYCLE has decided to zero in on quality control. This is impossible for many brands of electric bikes because they do not own a factory. If a company doesn’t even own the factory, how can it expect quality control to be effective? The response is straightforward: it cannot.

Magicycle has commendable quality command over the whole bicycle building process, from plan to make to transportation. At the point when a Magicycle Ocelot Ace shows up at the doorstep of another proprietor, the case contains an e-bicycle that will keep going seemingly forever and is as of now 90% gathered. It’s a sleek fat tire e-bike made to last a long time, be safe to ride and provide reliable service. Don’t settle for an e-bike from a brand that doesn’t own the factory; quality matters.

The Magicycle Ocelot Pro is a new fat tire e-bike that has all the benefits of the step-through design and is manufactured under strict quality control. No other 20″ step-through fat tire e-bicycle with a similar value reach can compare to this off-road long-range fat tire e-bicycle from Magicycle.

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Fat Tire Ebike, Magicycle Ocelot Pro, With Step Thru Design