She’s A 10 Times 5 Podcast is Midlife a podcast show for middle-aged women who want to shift their mindset from looking for the finish line to starting from the beginning.

She’s A 10 Times 5

She's A 10 Times 5 Podcast Is Midlife Mindset For Women
The She’s a 10 Times 5 Hosts

She’s A 10 Times 5 podcast, a show for midlife women who are in the “second chapter” of their life, and need to significantly impact their mentality from smoothly moving toward the end goal to boldly moving forward to another beginning line, is reporting a new configuration and line up.

Laurie Jabbar, a co-founder who was one of the first women to graduate from West Point, is a decorated former airborne officer in the army and a tech executive. She explains how they have built a huge following of women who are interested in having great, open conversations. Women over 50 want to have fun with information consumption without the mean-spirited, dismissive, or demeaning labels that often accompany aging. They think we are women who are just starting out and are in our prime.

New Format

According to Jabbar, the new format has significantly increased the breadth of its content by introducing topic-based themes and guests, a variety of hosts and segments, and the capability for viewers to watch over streaming television. They knew that people wanted to watch and listen in the new media landscape, so adding a video component made sense. They are sure that this new platform will be adored by our community.

Jabbar was a big part of the new lineup and format, which included more hosts. Michelle Emmick, co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of Ask Us Beauty Magazine, a platform whose mission is to define beauty on your own terms, is taking a seat as a lead co-host. She is new to podcasting but not to media. Emmick is an experienced interviewer who has conducted numerous interviews with famous people like Christie Brinkley and Robin Roberts.

Jabbar claims that Michelle was a past guest and that they developed a personal connection, so she approached her about joining. She thinks they work well together because of their quick wit and personalities. She was aware that the She’s A 10 sisterhood is about being honest and leading from the heart.

Emmick revealed that the show is very important to her. This was right up her alley because she loves to tell stories and share them. She is an advocate for pro-aging now that she is 50 years old. There is still work to be done in this area, and this is a positive vehicle in addition to the magazine through which we can collaborate to alter the narrative.


She’s a 10…time 5 features Marcia Agius, Founder of Inspire Always, for a segment called “Hard Yes, Hard No,” Life Coach and Entrepreneur Randi Crawford for a segment called “Kindness,” and Co-Founder and Business Exec Lisa O’Coyne for a segment called “Soup to Nuts,” which talks about all things news and covers current events.

She’s a 10 Times 5 kicked off the new season and changes with a strong lineup of well-known and successful guests, including actors and models Josie Bissett, Kim Alexis, and Devin DeVasquez, celebrity chefs Adrianne Calvo, Ashley Holt, and Heather Mubarak, and brands and actors Devin DeVasquez and Josie Bissett.

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