Tips Of Start Tantric sex Recommend By Las Vegas Bdsm

  • Cuddle and kiss each other slowly:- according to las vegas escorts, after eye contact and a light physical gesture of touching, you can cuddle each other to get close to go for kissing or just cuddle each other and listen to each others breath and heartbeat. You can also include little foreplay like tickling, kissing on the neck, ears, etc.
  • Explore your partner’s whole body:- exploring is the base of tantric sex and what’s best for exploring your partner’s body then hands and mouth. las vegas bdsm recommend to start from ears and neck and slowly go to breast and then legs, thighs, abdomen and in last the vagina while massaging her breast lightly with your hands.
  • Focus on slow oral sex:- according to escort, slow oral sex with mouth and fingers like kissing, massaging, and vagina eating is also known as “cunnilingus” will provide a slower but deeper sexual arousal. As a woman’s libido is different from men, slow oral sex gives her a boost in her sexual arousal.
  • Give a light massage to her:- according to bdsm in las vegas, giving a light massage to genitals and other sensitive areas will help in reaching the climax with a soft and smooth flow.
  • Delay orgasms with regular but slow oral and physical stimulation:- bdsm las vegas recommend slow physical stimulation as tantric sex is used to build connection thus delay orgasms with slow oral and physical stimulation using fingers, mouth, tongue, and kissing.

Following these tips will give a good start to beginners in having tantric sex. Tantric sex is about connecting souls and bodies both thus it is done slower.

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